Home Mobile Samsung Galaxy S11 may copy Pixel 4's Motion Sense technology

Samsung Galaxy S11 may copy Pixel 4's Motion Sense technology

Samsung Galaxy S11 may copy Pixel 4's Motion Sense technology

One of the key innovations of Google Pixel 4 is Motion Sense technology for gesture interaction with the smartphone. A patent recently filed by Samsung tells us that the company is developing something similar.

The South Korean submitted to the European Union Intellectual Property Office something called ISOCELL-Motion. According to the description, this technology can detect movements and can be applied on smartphones or tablets.

Pixel 4 Motion Sense

Samsung will use an image sensor for motion detection

Google has incorporated a radar in Pixel 4 to leverage the functionality of Motion Sense. In the case of Samsung, Samsung should use an image sensor for the same purposes.

Given the different approach, it remains to be seen whether Samsung's technology will achieve the same results as Google's. When using an image sensor, it will be dependent on the smartphone's camera and may have a shorter range.

With the launch of the Galaxy S11 approaching, this could be a good vehicle to bring this technology to market. This would not be the first time manufacturers have copied competitor functionality to their next year's tops.

Samsung has tried to introduce this technology to the market but to no avail

Remember that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has already brought a gesture navigation technology, as we see in Pixel 4. However, this approach did not have the intended success and was immediately discontinued.

That said, we have to wonder if Samsung really is worth investing in again. We know that over the years the technology is improving and better proposals are appearing in the market.

In any case, the filing of a patent does not mean that a company will make use of this technology. This document tells us that Samsung has studied the case, but it does not guarantee that the Galaxy S11 or other equipment will even make use of it.

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