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Samsung Galaxy S11 design impresses in new video

Samsung Galaxy S11 design impresses in new video

The Samsung Galaxy S11 is, according to the latest information, to be officially launched on February 18, 2020. Within two months of this release, there are still no images in real use that allow us to get a sense of their final design.

The renders we have seen have all pointed to the same place, and that is where this concept comes from the Galaxy S11 Let’s Go Digital site. The design of your camera impresses not only with its size but also with its volume. In terms of appearance, it looks much better than the previously viewed renders.

Galaxy S11's camera should be 1.1mm thick

It seems certain that we will have a very pronounced camera in Samsung's new high-end. This information confirms the previously noted numbers that the camera adds 1.1mm to the thickness of the device.

Right now one thing seems certain: this camera will really be the highlight of the Galaxy S11. It seems that the 108MP sensor produced by Samsung itself and we already know of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10.

Samsung Galaxy S11
Renders of the Samsung Galaxy S11. Credit: Let's Go Digital

In addition to the main sensor with 5x optical zoom, the Galaxy S11 will also feature a wide angle and a sensor time-of-flight, for depth effects. As usual, we can expect versions of the device with the Snapdragon 865 processor and Exynos 990 (in Europe).

As happened in 2019, Samsung should bet on three devices in this line. As it is known, processors have 5G integrated, so everyone should arrive with 5G versions.

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