Samsung Galaxy S10 will have big problems with screen savers

Samsung Galaxy S10 will have big problems with screen savers

The Samsung Galaxy S10's official release date approached 'stride'. With only 7 days until D-day, new information has now emerged that will certainly not please fans of the manufacturer.

With the implementation of the ultrasonic fingerprint reader, many issues have arisen regarding the use of screen savers. Now, through a new video, it seems confirmed that its use will be virtually impossible.

In this video hands-onWe see the Samsung Galaxy S10 with a tempered glass applied. However, it seems unlikely that any user will like the end result. Apparently, the makers of these glasses have had to completely cut out the biometric sensor area and the end result is at least … terrible.

Samsung Galaxy S10 with screen protector is a real nightmare!

As PhoneArena pointed out, rumors that this would be a likely scenario had been circulating for some time. After a protective case manufacturer, determined that the new smartphones would not be compatible with screen savers.

Now this new video confirms that. As you can see, when the smartphone is locked, the huge hole in the tempered glass is extremely visible. Besides being a nightmare visually. It is hard to imagine any scenario where such an approach will not seriously undermine the entire AMOLED display experience.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Therefore, unless screen saver manufacturers develop new technology that is compatible with the biometric sensor. Using tempered glass with the Galaxy S10 seems out of the question.

In short, it seems that the only way to put an extra 'level of protection' on the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be through the use of a more traditional protective film. However, the level of protection of these accessories is not the best.

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