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Samsung Galaxy S10: Patent Confirms Desired Feature

Samsung Galaxy S10 biometric sensor
Once again confirmed the most desired feature of the Samsung Galaxy S10

As you might expect, as brands unveil their latest 2018 smartphones, news about the upcoming flagship South Korean manufacturer – Samsung Galaxy S10 – begins to arrive more often.

Although we are several months away from its possible date of presentation, there have been many leaks of information and rumors about the smartphone that will mark the 10 years of existence of the Galaxy S line.

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Among its photographic capabilities, design and new hardware specifications, one of the most talked about features is undoubtedly the implementation of the biometric sensor on your screen.

With the vast majority of manufacturers applying this new technology to smartphones released this year, it seems once again that the manufacturer will be "late to the party". However, according to the various information that circulated. It should feature today's most advanced fingerprint reader.

One of the most desired features of Samsung Galaxy S10 has been confirmed in new patent

One of the reasons mentioned by the manufacturer for not having implemented this technology on Galaxy Note 9. was because they are still not satisfied with the type of performance obtained. So they decided to wait until more advanced technologies were available.

Thanks to its partnership with Qualcomm, the South Korean manufacturer will integrate into the Galaxy S10 the most advanced fingerprint recognition module. This ultrasonic biometric sensor will reportedly offer above average speed and reliability.

Samsung Galaxy S10 biometric sensor

Now, thanks to a new image from one of Samsung's patents, the presence of this sensor has once again been confirmed. We can see that in theory the module will be applied in the same way and in the same position as the other manufacturers. Since the big differences would already be expected only in their performance.

So far it is unclear when the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be presented. There are 3 possibilities, but it seems that a presentation during MWC 2019 is the most likely option.

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