Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite: Here are some of the specs of the future smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite: Here are some of the specs of the future smartphone

Rumors of a possible "lite" model for the Samsung Galaxy S10 are making fans incredulous. After all we already have a "Lite" model with a different name. I speak of course of the Galaxy S10e.

Samsung has released 3 new Galaxy S10s this year to combat the iPhones launched last year. With the iPhone Xr becoming more popular than imagined, it is obvious that Samsung had to launch a competitor. Hence the Galaxy S10e.

However, rumors of a "Lite" model seem real. Indeed, it seems that the brand may bring a new device to market and some of its specifications are already known.

Samsung Galaxy S10e
This is the Samsung Galaxy S10e

Some specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Processor (same as S10)
  • 6GB and 6GB RAM
  • 128GB internal memory
  • Possible expansion via MicroSD
  • Possible 108MP rear sensor
  • 4370 mAh battery

You can reach our market under a different name.

However, it may also be presented in Europe under a different name and the "lite" model is for the Asian market only. Some believe that this model will fit in the A range. Something confusing given the code name of the smartphone (SM-G770F) that follows in the footsteps of the new Galaxy S10.

Samsung wants to attack everywhere

While I don't think there is a need to bring a Galaxy S10 lite to market, we have to understand Samsung's strategy. With Huawei out of the picture, due to problems with the US market and the impossibility of having Google services on its smartphones, Samsung has a golden opportunity.

This is probably one of the few that Samsung will have. This is because if Donald Trump leaves the US presidency, it does not seem to me that the next president wants to keep this impediment. That is, Samsung has less than 1 year to launch models that can serve all Huawei customers who are considering buying a new smartphone. This assuming that Donald Trump does not win the next elections.

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