Samsung Galaxy S10 can come in a total of six colors

Samsung Galaxy S10 can come in a total of six colors
Samsung Galaxy S10
Rumors surrounding the new flagship continue

One of the most relevant tops of 2019 will surely be the Samsung Galaxy S10. Although its presentation should only take place in February next year, rumors surrounding the smartphone are starting to grow.

A perfectly justifiable scenario given the popularity of Samsung equipment. Moreover, because this model should already be in the terminal phase of its development process.

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To date it has been said that this may be the first South Korean model to have a biometric reader on the screen. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S10 may also be next to have a triple camera at its rear.

Recently the possibility of this equipment came up with an incredible 12GB of RAM. However, this rumor has already been refuted by some publications, the most plausible being the inclusion of 10GB of temporary memory.

Samsung Galaxy S10 may have a bold color palette

However, it is still a long time before the Galaxy S10 is unveiled and so much can change. It is too early to be certain about anything.

Still, some clues are being left to us right now. The most recent come from @OnLeaks and suggests us that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will come in a total of six different colors.

According to what the source advances, this equipment will arrive in black, gray, red, green, blue and yellow. Some of these colors are new to Samsung's top range, others not so.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Android
Some of the colors of the Galaxy S9

However, I am disappointed by the absence of a gradient variant. This kind of approach has come to us from Huawei and has been gathering a number of followers across the market. Besides, it would be a much more attractive variant than any of these, at least for me.

Finally, it should be noted that if this data is confirmed, some colors may be unique to some markets. I do not think this is the right approach on the part of South Korea, but for the moment we cannot exclude any possibility.

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