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Samsung Galaxy S10 and folding smartphone will be the trump cards of 2019

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Top comsumer reports magazine
Samsung Galaxy S10 and folding smartphone will be the manufacturer's assets for 2019

With the end of the year approaching, I think we can say that 2018 was certainly not one of the best years of the South Korean manufacturer. Samsung continued to launch surprising smartphones, but as Chinese manufacturers grew, it did not reach its usual sales figures.

However, it seems that the manufacturer has realized that in 2019 will have to revolutionize the smartphone market again if it wants to return to the full dominance of the world of Android smartphones. For this, it counts on the innovations brought by the Samsung Galaxy S10 and its first folding smartphone.

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Once again, new information has emerged about the upcoming smartphones from the manufacturer, this time through a new report from Bloomberg. Rumors and leaks of information about both models have come in high volume. Still, this new publication adds some interesting information.

For the Samsung Galaxy S10, as has been said for the past few weeks, the "normal" and "plus" variants should come with a curved OLED display with built-in biometric sensor.

Samsung Galaxy S10 and folding smartphone should be the trump cards to keep 1st position safe in 2019

The manufacturer once again took a long time to adopt one of 2018's most popular trends. However, it is said that it will feature the fastest and most reliable biometric sensor developed by Qualcomm.

Recently there has also been talk of the presence of a borderless display thanks to a new generation of displays. They should arrive with a small "hole" and the front camera will be accommodated behind the screen. Although rumors remain, it seems that this will be the most likely strategy for Samsung to offer a borderless smartphone.

Samsung folding smartphone

As for its first folding smartphone, Samsung still seems to be unsure what the best approach to design will be. According to the Bloomberg, The brand has yet to decide whether the smartphone will "fold" horizontally or vertically.

If true, it seems increasingly likely that during the Developer Conference in November, we will at best see a prototype of the first folding smartphone. Or even get to know some of its specifications.

If the various rumors have been confirmed, it seems that this smartphone will arrive with a design similar to the conceptual one presented in 2014. That is, it will have a small screen that can be used when the smartphone is closed, and when it is opened. , displays a larger screen.

Samsung folding smartphone may look similar to 2014

When it comes to its dimensions, it is said that the outside screen should be 4 "inches. While the folding screen inside should be around 7" inches. In the information published by Bloomberg It is mentioned that this screen will arrive with a protective film instead of glass. Not mentioning whether it has tactile abilities or not. However, if it were not tactile, it would certainly substantially diminish its functionality.

Once again, we continue to receive information about this "dropper" folding smartphone. We will have to continue to wait until some more substantial information comes up. Let us reveal more details about this mythical smartphone.

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