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Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Bixby Button May Be Deactivated Soon

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Bixby 4gnews Virtual Assistant
Functionality will arrive later this month

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the latest high-end of the South Korean company and, of course, also has the presence of Bixby. This is the Virtual Assistant developed by Samsung as a competitor to Google Assistant or Alexa.

However, Samsung's Bixby is far from the potential of its main competitors. Since I own Bixby and Google Assistant on my Galaxu S8, I can say that the South Korean company still has a long way to go in this field.

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So it would not be surprising that Google would give Samsung a hand in trying to improve South Korea's assistant. The contours of this alleged partner are still dubious, but it would certainly be of value to Samsung.

But while that doesn't happen, users will have to settle for Bixby as it is today. Many will say that it is still far from the ideal level for everyday use.

Bixby button on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 may be disabled

That's why they wanted to use the dedicated button that the tech put on their Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in another way. In the impossibility of reprogramming it for other purposes, some users will at least want to disable it.

Well, for the time being this is not possible on Galaxy Note 9, but it will change soon. In an upcoming update, the South Korean company will allow the Bixby button to be disabled for all Samsung Galaxy Note 9 users.

This possibility should reach users through a simple software update. This should be available by the end of September.

In this way, many will be able to avoid an accidental awakening of the South Korean company's virtual assistant. If the functionality looks just like the Galaxy S8 and others, just one click can make that button completely inert.

Still, there is a way to reconfigure the Bixby button for other purposes. We have made it known here, at EBox, so with a simple search on our site you can bring this little piece of hardware to life.

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