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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – Let's get to know new camera with 2x optical zoom

Samsung Galaxy Note 8
The camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a 2x optical zoom

Samsung has again proved to us that it is able to surprise and captivate the public with its new releases. Especially at a time when we all use, increasingly, our smartphone to capture all the photos. All times, all places and special occasions. The even think about it, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a promising new camera.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Store Arrival Date and Possible Price

Starting with its features, in the main camera, or rather in the main cameras we have two sensors, two 12MP cameras. Both sensors feature OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) to eliminate vibration in photos and footage. Moreover, one of the sensors is a telephoto zoom 2x (magnification twice), while the second sensor is a wide angle.

This is the new camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

On one zoom Optical lossless or up to 2x zoom digital 10x to enlarge images without losing much quality, its camera promises enough. We now have a new image processing and focusing system, the Live focus and Dual capture so you have even more control over your device's camera. But after all, what does this change?Samsung Galaxy Note 8

As the name suggests, a dual camera consists of two separate cameras with two sensors for each and lenses to finish the set. This Samsung Galaxy Note 8 of the cameras works well … like any other camera! It is in charge of capturing the colors just like any other smartphone camera.

Two sensors, better photography on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

However, the second seal up the sensor elements that can not be captured with the first sensor. For example, when a user captures a picture, actually the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 captures two separate images.

It will then combine both images to produce a finer end result with more color, detail and definition and greater depth of field. Let's take a look at how your camera works on video.

In short, in each captured picture shall have a composite image of the results of both sensors telephoto zoom and the sensor with a wide angle lens. This is the South Korean giant's strategy to provide you some better photos and video.

According to the brand, the best results will be mainly due to the zoom Optical 2x that will make objects appear closer to you without losing any quality in the expansion. The brand is very proud of this new device and we have already tested more than one smartphone with this ideology, see OnePlus 5.

Grand opening and OIS on both Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cameras

In addition to the capabilities of zoom Optical the main chamber Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has an aperture of f / 1.7 in the chambers with the technology Dual pixelWhile the second chamber has a lower aperture of f / 2.4 due to zoom optical.

However, it is a lens that will capture with better define the details and edges. In this way we will have images with greater detail and more light, no blurry edges.Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Another noteworthy point is the optical stabilization (OIS) that each camera will enjoy so that low-light photos are not blurry, not even filming presents those flickers that can ruin a video.

We also have Live Focus mode that brings the Bokeh effect to this Note 8. This way you'll be able to blur the background in a smooth and even artistic way. Focusing you only the essential face or main subject, making the camera an elegant backdrop. You can control the intensity of this effect to capture the photo or even apply it later, in Gallery.

And the selfies no Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

While many users will prefer to blur the background so that the main subject gets a particular highlight, sometimes the background is just as important.

To this end, Samsung has developed a new shooting mode, Dual Capture in which both cameras capture one photo, one at magnification, the other at wide angle, and then it will be up to you to decide which of the photos you want to keep in your Gallery. This will be a particularly useful mode for the most undecided photographers.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Selfies have not been forgotten on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Without forgetting the typical selfies, Samsung uses an 8MP resolution camera with f / 1.7 focal aperture on its front camera for detail, light and quality selfies. We still have one autofocus this front camera so you've only to press the shutter button and nothing else.

For more information on this topic, more tips and all that is spoken in UK’s technology follows the EBox. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and of course on YouTube where you will also have our weekly LiveCasts.

And here you go, this is the camera of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be able to overcome the other competitors in the market? What is your opinion?

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