As in previous years, with the introduction date of the new Galaxy Note approaching, the volume of leaks continues to increase exponentially. The big event will take place next Wednesday, but we already know practically everything there is to know about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20.

The latest news was revealed by the renowned leaker Roland Quandt, which published the first images of the official covers of the new smartphones. The images show us the covers “flip“and also how it will stay ahead of smartphones with the most traditional skin covers.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 cases

Galaxy Note 20 case will arrive with dual functionality

There is no doubt that the cover flip for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is the one that caught the most attention, presenting itself very similar to one of the options available for the Galaxy S20. Although there is a more traditional option that covers the entire screen and provides a slot for storing a credit card, the most interesting is the S-View Fllip model.

GalaxyNote20 cover

This cover does not arrive with the said slot for credit card. Instead, it has its end completely transparent, serving for the presentation of a lot of information even if the cover is closed. It has not yet been confirmed, but it is hoped that it will be possible to access information on notifications, times, caller ID and perhaps even reading messages.

Regarding the more traditional leather covers, we only see the front panel of the smartphones, confirming once again that the Galaxy Note 20 will arrive with a flat screen and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will have a waterfall screen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 design

Certainly many more official covers will be launched so that users can protect their new smartphones, and the launch of traditional silicone covers is guaranteed.

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