Samsung Galaxy Note 20: guess how much it costs to manufacture? You will be surprised!

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Samsung has new top of the range. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra are fantastic terminals, however, far from being the most captivating when it comes to price.

The “base” model of the Note 20 is being sold for € 990 while the Ultra model even reaches € 1340. Values ​​that we can say are not for any portfolio. So this makes us wonder how much it really costs Samsung to make a Note 20.

The price of building a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is 462 €

CounterPoint analysts analyzed the market and gave the manufacturing values ​​of the base model Samsung Galaxy Note 20. The construction price is impressive, however, a little more expensive than expected.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

In the image above we can see that the most expensive in the smartphone is its screen. Soon after we have the memory, camera and processor.

However, we cannot be alone and only for the cost of manufacture. Unfortunately, these figures do not show us the value of shipping units from China to our shelves. It also does not show us the amounts spent on marketing and personnel.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Furthermore, and most importantly, it does not tell us what the development value is. In other words, someone had to develop smartphones and their time is money.

Thus, we can see that the final price of the equipment is not exactly out of the question. The equipment is expensive, however, from what we see in this graph, it is a value that will not give much profit to Samsung.

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