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Samsung Galaxy Note 10: the full review 2020

In 2011, Samsung launched its first Galaxy Note. The Korean company’s formula was quite simple: take out a giant smartphone capable of turning into a notebook using a stylus. Mocked at first for its size, the Galaxy Note finally found its audience and even grew over the generations … to reach 6.8 inches with the Galaxy Note 10+.

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A 6.8 inch screen is great. This diagonal may have many advantages, such as increased reading comfort, but it also makes it difficult to use the device with one hand. Aware of this problem that it is itself causing, Samsung is launching this year a “small” Galaxy Note 10, equipped with a 6.3-inch screen. We reviewed it and, as you will find out, we loved it. Note that the Note 10 is sold at a single price of 959 euros.

An ideal size in hand

We reviewed the Galaxy Note 10 directly after the Galaxy Note 10+. In these conditions, it is as if the smartphone that we have been using for several days has suddenly shrunk in the wash. The Galaxy Note 10 looks tiny although, of course, its 6.3-inch panel stays in the high middle. Let us salute all the same Samsung’s mastery in the curving of the tiles: the Galaxy Note 10 offers almost non-existent side borders.

Thanks to its size and weight of 168 grams, the Galaxy Note 10 is much more pleasant to use than its big brother. You can even use it with one hand without much difficulty. No more finger cramps, there are all the advantages of a real Note … without the faults of previous models, too large or subject to untimely triggering of functions when the palm of the hand touched the edges of the panel.

Less space to use the stylus

Because yes, the Note 10 is a real Galaxy Note. To the right of its USB-C port is the iconic S-Pen, which offers the same functions as on the Note 10+. These include taking notes, coloring, augmented reality drawings, or editing screenshots. We also find the Air Gestures which allow you to control your mobile by gesturing with the stylus. You can, for example, increase the volume by moving it up to or zoom in / out in the camera by making an arc. If they are not revolutionary, these small options can sometimes be practical.

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The Galaxy Note 10 logically offers less display space than the Galaxy Note 10+ for taking notes. We played the game during our review by taking a maximum of it on the smartphone and we too often stumbled on the limit of the screen. Obviously, everything is a matter of habit, you end up writing smaller and everything comes back to normal.

One of the best screens on the market

Unsurprisingly, the Galaxy Note 10 has a state-of-the-art Samsung panel, namely “Dynamic AMOLED” technology. The latter offers all the advantages of OLED as an infinite contrast ratio and reduces the passing rate of blue light emitted. The Dynamic AMOLED display is also HDR10 certified. In short, visually, it’s impressive.

According to our laboratory’s measurements, the Galaxy Note 10 surpasses very little, it is true the Galaxy Note 10+ on certain points. On average, we noted a maximum brightness of 724 cd / m2 against 704 on the large model. Thanks to a boost mode that activates automatically under the reflections of the sun or under strong artificial light, it even goes up to 838 cd / m2. It’s really excellent.

Our probe also allowed us to measure the fidelity of the colors displayed by the smartphone, which are good without being exceptional. As an indication, the Delta E index is 3.45. It was 3.9 on the Note 10+. The closer this value is to zero, the more the colors are true to reality.

It’s impossible to conclude this part without indicating that the Galaxy Note 10 is content with a maximum definition of Full HD + rather than Quad HD +. It is the first time that a smartphone in this range since Galaxy Note 3 has not offered this very high definition. We reassure you, the differences are not frankly visible to the naked eye. Samsung saves money, the screen uses less power, and you don’t see the difference. A pragmatic choice.

Very good autonomy

Exactly, what is the Galaxy Note 10’s 3500 mAh battery worth? Do not go there, it’s very satisfying. Without reaching the record of Note 10+ (4300 mAh) for a high-end Samsung smartphone, the Korean brand succeeds.

The Galaxy Note 10 has stood up 1:51 p.m. to our versatile autonomy review (3:32 p.m. on the Note 10+), 10:55 in video streaming (12:17 on Note 10+) and 8:12 p.m. in communication (10:04 p.m. on Note 10+). Either way, it’s more than enough to end the day with enough autonomy to last until the next morning. Or even more, if you limit multimedia uses.

In charging, the Galaxy Note 10 is excellent without breaking a record. Incompatible with the optional 45W recharge of the Note 10+, it still comes with a 25W ultra-fast charger (the Note 9 was limited to 15W last year). Unfortunately, it still takes 1h22 to recover 100% autonomy. It’s very fast but it’s not as good as the Galaxy Note 10+ with the same charger (1h09). However, the Galaxy Note 10’s battery is smaller… In short, Samsung could have done better.

Same configuration as the Note 10 +… without the Micro SD port

Inside the Galaxy Note 10, there are more or less the same components as the Galaxy Note 10+. We therefore encourage you to read our review of the large model to learn more about the performance of the smartphone and to consult our various benchmark reviews. The cell phone uses the Exynos 9825 processor with 8 GB of RAM, is Wi-Fi 6 compatible and offers the same haptic feedback system. However, we will have to settle for its 256 GB of internal storage (UFS 3.0) since there is no Micro SD port. Some will sorely regret it, others will not care. However, there is always the possibility of inserting two Nano-SIM cards.

Note that, like the Galaxy Note 10+, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 does not include a jack. The Korean brand is gradually turning the page on the famous audio port.

Convincing in photo

On its back, the Galaxy Note 10 sports a triple camera module. Unlike its big brother, the small model does not have a ToF sensor. Is it a loss? Not really. Truth be told, we found it unnecessary on the Galaxy Note 10+.

So, what is this triple module made of? There is an equivalent wide-angle 27 mm with variable aperture (f / 1.5 or f / 2.4) associated with 12 Mpix sensor, an ultra wide-angle equivalent 12 mm opening at f / 2.2 with a 16 Mpix sensor and a telephoto lens 52 mm equivalent opening at f / 2.1 with 12 megapixel sensor. This is a slightly improved configuration compared to that of the Galaxy S10. Switching from one optical unit to another is equivalent to a 2x zoom.

By day, the Galaxy Note 10 shines in photo quality. The sharpness is excellent and the application offers many options. We also salute the speed of the autofocus, Samsung is still one of the fasreview in the field. At night, without reaching the quality of a Huawei P30 Pro or a Pixel 3, the Galaxy Note 10 does remarkably well. The light management is very correct.

In video, you can always shoot in 4K, in slow motion 960 fps or in video portrait mode. Samsung certainly offers one of the most complete smartphones in terms of possibilities, as always.

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