Home Android Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has sold 1 million units since launch

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has sold 1 million units since launch

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has sold 1 million units since launch

Samsung has officially announced the positive performance of its Galaxy Note 10 sales. Since its launch 25 days ago, the Note family of equipment has sold more than 1 million units, setting a new record for the Korean company.

Additionally, we also know about 67% of total sales come from the Galaxy Note 10+. It seems that most consumers have decided to opt for the more powerful model, ignoring the normal Galaxy Note 10. At the demographic level, Samsung claims that female customers and the age group of 20 has increased.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung Galaxy S8 had hit the previous sales record

In the first 37 days after its launch, the Galaxy S8 sold over 1 million units, making it the fastest selling mobile phone of the brand. In the case of Note 10, the model surpassed previous Note range phones and also S.

Additionally, the Galaxy Note 10 sold twice as many units as the Galaxy Note 9 in the same amount of time. The truth is that in general, the Note 10 does not represent such a big jump compared to the S10. Even so the range managed to perform well in sales volume.

Galaxy Note 10 is one of the best mobile phones on the market.

As much as there are critics of the S-Pen, the Galaxy Note 10 is very well done. S-Pen's integration with the Android operating system (and Samsung's One UI above) really justifies its use. In addition we have a balanced mobile phone with very luxurious specifications and above all, a Super AMOLED screen, Samsung's specialty.

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