Samsung Galaxy Note 10: First smartphone rumors

Samsung Galaxy Note 10: First smartphone rumors

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Android smartphoneThe Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is still far from being revealed, however, it is time for Samsung to start deciding its features of the smartphone.

As it happens every year around this time, rumors about future smartphones start to appear around this time. Over the coming times it is normal for rumors to be confirmed and others to fall apart.

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According to the new information, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is one that will give you talk. Soon after we know that the Samsung Galaxy S10 should have a different design ideology, it is also expected that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will follow the same steps.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 expected to arrive in summer 2019

However, the rumors don't stop there. According to Korean sources the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be relatively larger. The bigger questions? If this information is correct, we can expect the next smartphone to offer us a 6.66 "inch screen with a 4K resolution.

SPen is the unique feature of Samsung smartphone

Huawei Mate 20X Android Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Although the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will not be the first 4K-enabled smartphone on the market to date, Sony's Note 10 may well be the first 4K with AMOLED display. That is, a technology relatively superior to the LCD used in some of the terminals of Sony.

However, be sure to take this information with a good pinch of salt. Since it is still early to be sure and sources do not identify, it may well be more of a guess than a certainty.

The Galaxy S10 is the next big smartphone of the South Korean company. If all goes as in previous years, we can expect Note to somewhat follow the design ideology of the Galaxy S10. Gradually we will surely know more information about the smartphone.

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