Samsung Galaxy Home Mini seen working before launch (video)

Galaxy Home Mini

Samsung is expected to finally launch the Galaxy Home Mini smart speaker to the market next Wednesday. Until we reach that day, behold, for the first time, we see this gadget in operation.

The video was shared by Max Weinbach and we can see what appears to be the beginning of the Galaxy Home Mini setup process. This is because this smart column asks you to “start by opening the Samsung SmartThings application”.

As you would expect, this short video confirms that the smart speaker will hit the market with Bixby. This is the personal assistant developed by Samsung, but it still has a long way to go to match the Google Assistant or Alexa.

Galaxy Home Mini box confirms some features

Thanks to the same Weinbach, we still have a picture of the back of the Samsung Galaxy Home Mini case. There you can see that it will be possible to ask Bixby to play music, find out the weather, set alarms and more.

Galaxy Home Mini

None of these features are surprising, since similar products do the same kind of tasks. Furthermore, it is already possible to perform similar tasks on Samsung smartphones equipped with Bixby.

Still, we must note that the Samsung assistant does not yet support UK’s in UK. Tests for PT-BR have already started, but this language has not yet been officially made available.

Will the Galaxy Home Mini succeed in the market?

The race for the best smart speaker to have at home has started many years ago. Currently, Google Home and Amazon’s Echo comfortably lead this niche market.

If you are an avid consumer of technology, it is likely that one of these gadgets is already present in your home. That is why the question arises whether the Samsung Galaxy Home Mini will have padding to thrive in this market.

In addition to arriving late to the market, the Samsung Galaxy Home Mini has the “disadvantage” of being equipped with Bixby. This personal assistant will be important if you have several Samsung smart products at home. Otherwise, it will be difficult to find compatible equipment.

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