Smart speakers are increasingly used. These devices help make your home smarter, as you can use them to give commands to devices you have at home.

With Amazon Echo and Google Home becoming more and more popular, Samsung also seems to want to join this party even ahead of schedule. According to the latest information, the company will launch the Galaxy Home Mini on February 12.

Samsung Galaxy Home Mini

As its name implies, the Galaxy Home Mini is a more modest version of the Galaxy Home. This smart speaker was officially announced in August 2018, but its market launch never came to pass.

Almost two years later, we can finally see a smart speaker finally coming to market that will make use of Samsung’s virtual assistant – Bixby. And it can bring features that set it apart.

Samsung Galaxy Home Mini

Infrared sensor can differentiate Galaxy Home Mini

One of the features that should differentiate the Galaxy Home Mini is the infrared sensor. This allows you to control devices that cannot be connected to the Internet.

For example, you would be able to control an older television or entertainment system. For that, it would be enough for the infrared sensor of the speaker to detect these devices.

Where the Galaxy Home Mini should stand out is in the sound quality, since it will have a partnership with AKG. The price indicated is around 75 euros, and should be launched first in South Korea.

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