Home Mobile Samsung Galaxy Fold has finally confirmed release date!

Samsung Galaxy Fold has finally confirmed release date!

Samsung Galaxy Fold has finally confirmed release date!

After many months of delays and a raft of unresolved issues, it seems that Samsung is finally ready to launch its first folding smartphone on the market.

According to new information, the manufacturer is preparing, together with three operators, the launch of Samsung Galaxy Fold in South Korea on September 6. That is, you can make your debut in the market literally in a week.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Galaxy Fold release will coincide with IFA 2019 launch

Just over a month ago, the manufacturer had confirmed that it would finally launch its first folding smartphone on the market during September. However, all information pointed to the second half of the month, and never at the beginning.

It seems that Samsung is confident that the changes made in its design have achieved the intended results. Therefore, it is believed that it will use the grand stage of IFA 2019 to announce the arrival of Galaxy Fold in South Korea.

However, it is believed that their arrival in the United States and China will only come as the month nears. No information has yet been disclosed on a possible arrival date in the various European markets.

Finally, this new report reveals that an order of between 20 and 30 thousand units is expected for the South Korean market, where the Samsung Galaxy Fold will sell for approximately € 1722.

Samsung Galaxy Fold folding smartphone

What has been improved in the design of Samsung Galaxy Fold

While it may appear that no major changes have been made to its design, all the fixes and improvements have been able to greatly improve its strength. After several YouTubers detected and reported several issues with smartphone design, it was not difficult for Samsung to figure out what they had to improve.

Firstly, we have the protective film enhancements that many YouTubers thought were just a vulgar film and decided to destroy the smartphone screen by removing it. Now Samsung says the film is virtually invisible and is much better integrated into the screen.

In order to reinforce the resistance of the screen, some metal layers have been added under the screen. Finally, the distance between the "hinge" and the body of the Galaxy Fold has been reduced to prevent particles from infiltrating its structure.

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