Home Mobile Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will have screen as thin as a human hair!

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will have screen as thin as a human hair!

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will have screen as thin as a human hair!

Samsung Galaxy Fold has ushered in a new era of smartphones, and it looks like 2020 will be the year of folding smartphones. In addition to the various manufacturers that should follow the footsteps of Samsung, itself has confirmed that it will bet strongly on this new segment.

It has even revealed that it plans to sell about 5 million folding smartphones by 2020. It will launch at least two new models, and new information about the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 display has just emerged.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 thin screen

New patent confirms that Galaxy Fold 2 will have an unbelievably slim screen

According to information provided by LetsGoDigital, Samsung has registered a total of 3 patents related to the new folding smartphone. One of them confirms the name of the new screen as "Ultra Thin Glass". The glass in question is only 100 micrometres thick, slightly thicker than human hair (75 micrometres).

However, its incredible thickness will also surprise you with regard to its strength. Contrary to what one might think, this type of screen will be much more scratch resistant, especially compared to the current screen of Galaxy Fold.

Among all the problems and negatives of Samsung Galaxy Fold, there is no doubt that the fragility of your screen is at the top of the list. The panel is so fragile that it can be damaged simply by accidentally pressing your nail on the screen.

Samsung has already made millionaire investment to secure better screen for Galaxy Fold 2

It's no secret that Samsung is working closely with Dowoo Insys to develop the Galaxy Fold 2 display. This is one of the best ultra thin glass manufacturers today.

Moreover, the manufacturer has already made an investment of more than 10 million euros, so that the company can considerably increase its production capacity.

Despite the higher cost of producing this screen, Samsung remains committed to considerably lowering the market price of its upcoming folding smartphones. In addition to the big improvements in endurance, if they want to bring these smartphones to the masses, they will have to lower their price.

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