Samsung Galaxy Buds +: hands-on video unveils secrets before launch

Samsung Galaxy Buds +: hands-on video unveils secrets before launch

The launch of Samsung’s new high-end smartphones is just around the corner. The Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Z Flip will be officially shown to the world on February 11 at the Unpacked Event.

That same day, Samsung will also launch a new version of its wireless headsets – the Galaxy Buds +. Before launch, a video of hands on appeared on the internet, unveiling the secrets of these earbuds.

According to the author of the video, the leaker Roland Quandt, these are a “decent upgrade” from the previous generation. They are comfortable in the ear, so the fact that there is no active noise cancellation does not bother.

The Galaxy Buds + battery is promising

This will be seen as a weak point, but the truth is that the battery promises. According to the video, the battery is 54% after 3 and a half hours of listening to “loud punk rock music”.

The sound is praised, but the author states that, for his taste, he always ends up increasing the bass in the definitions. When these are with pronounced basses, they are compared to what they are used to from OnePlus Bullets v1 and Creative EP360.

The design hardly changes from the previous generation, and remains curious about the quality of these headsets in calls. This is because they have three microphones for “clearer calls”.

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