Samsung Galaxy A80: Is it worth buying the smartphone or are there better options?

Samsung Galaxy A80: Is it worth buying the smartphone or are there better options?

The Samsung Galaxy A80 has arrived in UK and the demand has been more recurrent. The new smartphone promises an irreverent design and a front camera with the same quality as the rear camera. Since it is the same.

The Galaxy A80 is Samsung's first to bring a rotating camera. That is, the quality of the selfies will surely be better than the competition. However, the question is always the same. Is it worth it to pay the 700 euros Samsung is asking for it?

Samsung Galaxy A80

The Samsung Galaxy A80 is not a high end

We know that the market is influenced by high prices. So when we buy a new terminal we want the device to give us what we pay for it.

As much as the Samsung Galaxy A80 has quality specifications, a formidable screen and a high end camera, the smartphone is not a high end. That is, you will get less attention from Samsung in a few years (when it comes to upgrades) and should not stand so long with the best performance as a top smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy A80

This is why this Samsung Galaxy A80 leaves me questioning. On the one hand it is irreverent and promises something different. On the other hand, it is not a high end. Paying € 700 for a smartphone that is not the top of your line can hurt.

What you can buy with the money of the Samsung Galaxy A80

Mi 9 Mi 9 SE

For the price of the new Samsung smartphone you can buy a high end and a mid range Xiaomi. I know it's not the same thing. Because, in order to be able to buy this you will have to choose websites from China. Even so, we are talking about a high end Xiaomi versus a mid / high end Samsung. By the way, even after this purchase, you still have a money to dine out at the most expensive restaurant in the village.

Total € 615 (84 € less than Galaxy A80)

Still, the Samsung Galaxy A80 is a good buy.

Still, I want to point out that the Samsung Galaxy A80 is a good buy. As much as I think you have a high value for what you offer, I fully believe you will be pleased. If you're one of those who prefers the Samsung name and products and doesn't like to shop online, I know you'll like the new A80.

However, if you dare to shop online, I also know that you will be pleased with these two Xiaomi devices. You can also learn more about how to avoid customs when buying products at Gearbest.

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