Samsung Galaxy A70: the full review 2020

    Samsung Galaxy A70: the full test

    In the family of Samsung smartphones, the Galaxy A70 is certainly one of the most complete devices on the mid-range. Although less versatile than a Galaxy S10, this mobile integrates a processor supposed to be efficient, a very high capacity battery, a triple camera module and, above all, a giant 6.7 inch AMOLED screen. At 409 euros, this smartphone nevertheless has better “armed” mobiles, like those offered by the Chinese brands Xiaomi and Honor. Who is the Galaxy A70 for? We reviewed it.

    Giant … but light

    Upon unpacking, the Galaxy A70 is almost scary. With its huge screen, this smartphone manages to make a Galaxy Note (almost) small, which we would not have imagined possible a few years ago. Samsung has chosen a 6.7-inch 20: 9 Super AMOLED screen for its smartphone, which is something out of the ordinary. To watch a video or play, comfort is obviously there despite the presence of a notch in the shape of a drop of water. Fortunately, the latter is quickly forgotten.

    In addition to being very pleasant to watch multimedia content, the giant screen of the Galaxy A70 is also of excellent quality. Our laboratory has measured a maximum brightness of 628 cd / m2, which can even achieve a peak of 693 cd / m2 in case of strong sun exposure thanks to a boost mode. Color fidelity is there. We thus measured, on the colorimetry side, a Delta E of 2.26 by default, not far from perfection for an OLED screen.

    Generally, giant smartphones have the main defect in their weight and size. Samsung achieves a small feat here: the Galaxy A70 weighs only 178 grams, which is perfectly reasonable. This large screen even fits in one hand without much problem. The only inevitable defect, the Galaxy A70, in your pocket, can obviously interfere once you are seated.

    On the back, the Galaxy A70 is covered with a monochrome glass (choice of black, white, blue or coral). Samsung is minimalism and does not have fun offering color gradients like most rivals. The smartphone has a USB-C port and a jack but skips over stereo speakers, too bad. Let us salute all the same the “flat” design of this mobile which can only seduce the detractors of the curved screens, little attracted by a mobile like the Galaxy S10 +.

    One of the worst fingerprint sensors under the screen

    If Samsung reserves its excellent ultrasonic fingerprint sensor for the Galaxy S10, the brand still decided to implement a fingerprint sensor under the screen of the Galaxy A70. Optical technology was chosen here. It involves lighting the screen bright enough to allow a tiny camera to see through. Some manufacturers excel with this technology (Huawei, OnePlus), others crash completely. Unfortunately, Samsung belongs to the latter category. It’s a horror.

    In addition to taking several seconds to read a fingerprint, the Galaxy A70’s sensor is often wrong. Starting over a dozen times quickly becomes hellish and makes you want to smash your smartphone against a wall. In short, it’s a failure. Samsung would have done better to integrate an old-fashioned fingerprint sensor on the back. We will console ourselves by activating facial recognition.

    Almost an autonomy record

    It is enough to see the capacity of 4500 mAh of the battery of the Galaxy A70 to understand that Samsung is betting a lot on this characteristic. This obviously pays for use, our laboratory reviews reveal that the Galaxy A70 is the second most enduring smartphone ever released by Samsung behind the Galaxy J5 of 2017. The cell phone withstood 4:29 pm in our versatile autonomy review, 1:22 pm in video streaming (enough to binge-watcher a very large number of Netflix series at once) and 28:37 in communication. In any case, it easily exceeds the day of use. No need to request a charger in the evening.

    Another innovation for Samsung, the brand is finally charging “ultra-fast”. The Galaxy A70 has a 25W charger … against 15W for the Galaxy S10. Unfortunately, these are good without being impressive. It takes 1h48 to fully charge a Galaxy A70, which is fast for a 4500 mAh battery without being a record.

    Guaranteed fluidity

    Inside the Galaxy A70, there is no Exynos processor but a Snapdragon 675. Samsung decided to use the mid-range processor from Qualcomm rather than its own, most certainly to facilitate the marketing of the mobile in the United States . Not surprisingly, so it’s very good. The Galaxy A70 can do it all without the slighreview difficulty. The navigation is fluid, the mobile game works very well. In short, there is nothing to report. Note that the mobile comes equipped with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of expandable storage.

    Not up to snuff in photo

    On the back of the Galaxy A70, there is a triple camera module. The latter consists of a 32MP (f / 1.7) main camera, an 8MP (f / 2.2) ultra wide angle and a … 5MP depth sensor. Too bad Samsung has not seen fit to equip its mid-range with a telephoto lens.

    We are rather disappointed with the photo quality of the Galaxy A70. At 409 euros, Samsung offers a triple camera module barely up to certain entry-level models. The switch between modes takes forever, the autofocus is not incredible and the images sometimes reveal imaginary duplication, a sign that the smartphone took several photos simultaneously to improve the overall quality but failed to overlap them well. We also note that certain areas of the image are blurred. This is not what you would expect from the mid-range from Samsung.

    The ultra wide angle suffers from the same faults and often distorts a bit too much around the edges even if, to our surprise, it achieves better focusing.

    At night, the disappointment is the same. Very poor white balance (which you could almost call yellow balance), bright halos, slowness … This is not good. The Galaxy A70 fails to convince us.

    In short, you understand, the Galaxy A70 does the bare minimum in the photo. Having a triple camera module will only be enough to impress the customer in the store, which will end up disappointed. Moreover, our laboratory review on review patterns reveals an equality between this smartphone and the Galaxy A40, yet sold 259 euros. Samsung therefore does not consider it necessary to offer a difference between the two models.


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