Home Mobile Samsung Galaxy A50 Tested Endurance Test (Video)

Samsung Galaxy A50 Tested Endurance Test (Video)

Samsung Galaxy A50 Tested Endurance Test (Video)

The Galaxy A50 has already passed the youtuber endurance test JerryRigEverything. The intermediate smartphone has a plastic back great for youtuber “designs,” but the device successfully passed the durability test.

The great test of this type of videos is the possible folding of the device. The A50 gave a slight cracking signal in the attempt to fold, but kept all features intact, as you can see in the video.

As usual with this type of screen, the screen begins to suffer from soft scratches at level 6. At level 7, these scratches become much more noticeable. The plastic components of the frame suffer at the "hands" of x-act in the test, but stand at risk.

Although the back looks like glass, it has a plastic construction. And if you don't want to see a chameleon being drawn on the back of the device, I advise you to skip that part of the video ahead.

The flame test took 30 seconds before the screen was affected, which is normal on these devices. The Galaxy A50 has an on-screen optical biometric sensor. Even with some risks, it still works.

Although there are some clicks, when trying to fold, the Galaxy A50 comes out of the hands of youtuber alive. If you were unsure about the possible resistance of this device, the video shows you that you can rest easy in this regard.

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