Yesterday we mentioned that Samsung is thinking of leaving China in the construction of its smartphones. Amazingly, people supported the idea and many said that “they already look at Samsung with different eyes” if the company takes this step.

However, we must understand the reason behind this decision. Especially because this decision is made only and only from the financial point of view of the company and not for “moral” issues of workers’ rights in China.

Cheaper labor


China is evolving considerably as a world economy. This means that the cost of living increases and the manufacturing price will increase as well. In other words, if a few years ago China was a “cheap place” to build everything and anything, these days it is not quite like that.

Samsung made in china reviews

In the previous news we also mentioned that Samsung’s objective would pass in take along its factories to neighboring countries“. In this case, India and Vietnam. Where there is a problem of financial inequality and workers’ rights even worse than in China.

If in China it is recurrent to hear that workers work too long, in India and Vietnam the problem of child labor is recurrent.

For example, Adidas or Nike have gone through this in the past. If you see your shoes, it is likely that you will not say that it is “Made in China”, however, the problems exist and reports of child labor and too many hours of workers remain a problem. Only in a different country.

So, to what extent do people who support this type of change have a sense of what is to come? This is because in the comments of our article that was published on Facebook, we understand that many believed that the European Union and the USA were going to win with this measure from Samsung.

Honestly, don’t expect Samsung to come to a country where the labor to manufacture your smartphones is more expensive than in China.

Make no mistake, Samsung will continue to depend on China

Samsung China

Other people, on the other hand, believed that with this measure Samsung would “send China on a tour”, however, this will not be the case. As much as smartphones are not built in China, most components are. A smartphone is made up of hundreds of small components and it is impossible (at the moment) to build equipment with zero components from China.

In short, Samsung’s decision to say goodbye to “Made in China” is not exactly to be applauded. This is because, at the end of the day, the company is just looking for cheaper labor in order to be able to profit more from its equipment.

Still, let’s see how this plays out. Because it’s easier said than done.

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