Samsung created a new OLED screen that will leave you impressed


Samsung is a world reference when it comes to the development of screens, especially for smartphones. But his recent partnership with Stanford University has spawned a new screen with the highest pixel density in the world.

The new product resulting from this partnership leaves everyone impressed with its 10,000 pixels per inch (PPI). This is the largest concentration of pixels in the world and it will certainly not go unnoticed by its main rivals.

New panel can be used in several types of products

This impressive new technology is expected to be applicable to televisions, smartphones or Virtual Reality devices. The latter will be the most benefited with such a density of pixels, since the user is a few centimeters away from the panel.


To achieve this goal, Samsung and Stanford University relied on extremely thin solar panels. Combined with OLED technology, they promise an unrivaled viewing experience.

This new architecture depends a lot on the emission of white light. There is also a silver layer combined with another made of reflective metal so that specific colors can stand out. This is so that you can reach such a pixel density without too much brightness.

It is easy to see that this technology will require a lot of processing power, which indicates that its arrival on the market may still be distant. It will be necessary to build computational power capable of supporting the reproduction of so many pixels.

Although smartphones may be one of the beneficiaries of these new panels, we cannot say that they are about to be launched. As I mentioned, there is much more to develop than panels.

Even so, it is still exciting to receive such news. I can’t wait to see one of these screens on the market and their fantastic image quality.

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