Samsung could launch an unbelievable Flexible Smart TV!

Samsung flexible television

Samsung continues to strive not to lose its comfortable lead in the smartphone market, but it is not just in this segment that it is facing heavy competition. Also in the smart TV market, competition is getting stronger and the brand knows it needs to revolutionize again.

According to information disclosed by the LetsGoDigital website, the manufacturer registered in late 2019 a new patent for a flexible television. This is not the first time we have seen the brand demonstrate this type of technology, but this time comes with new detail.

Samsung flexible television

Contrary to previous patents, these schemes show that this Smart TV will be able to fold both forward and backward.

This could be the smart TV of the future!

Curved-screen TVs are no longer new today. However, there is no model that really allows you to fold the screen. This could be another important step in the evolution of this increasingly popular market segment.

According to the registered patent, Smart TV can automatically smash your screen (yes, you can’t get there and simply fold the screen by hand) with a simple click of your command. In addition to its base, the TV also comes with a support panel at its rear.

When turned off, the television automatically folds backwards, thus hiding its rear panel. In addition to this detail, it has also been revealed that arrives with two columns integrated in its panel (one at each end).

Samsung Smart TV Flexible Screen

When can we see the first prototype with this new feature?

It has not yet been revealed when Samsung can show off this new line of Smart TVs, not even a guarantee that it will happen. After all, it would not be the first time we have seen a patent stick to the concept alone.

However, if the brand really decided to bet on this new concept, it would not be surprising if we were presented with a prototype during CES 2020.

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