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Samsung canceled your smartphone without any physical button

Samsung canceled your smartphone without any physical button

Remember the initial rumors that the Galaxy Note 10 could arrive without any physical buttons? Well, it seems that such information had some basis.

Ice Universe today reveals that Samsung has decided to cancel its smartphone without any physical button. This equipment was internally named "Project R6".

As you can see, Ice Universe broke the news by side by side with Galaxy Note 10 and the so-called "Project R6". The next member of the Note line is seen on the left, while "R6" is on the right.

There are several similarities between both models, namely the center hole for your front camera. However, it is noted that the model on the right has steeper curves and lacks physical buttons.

Ice Universe says "Project R6" would be part of the Galaxy A line

Despite the similarities between the Galaxy Note 10 and the "Project R6", this irreverent device could hit the market under another line of smartphones. According to Ice Universe, this buttonless model would be launched on the Galaxy A line.

In a way it makes sense, especially given Samsung's recent past. In recent years, South Korea has used the A line to launch new technologies to the market. Something that a couple of years ago happened precisely on the Galaxy Note.

Project R6 cancellation was Huawei's fault

The source also notes that recent events around Huawei were blamed on the cancellation of "Project R6". After the US government prevented Huawei from negotiating with US companies, Samsung concluded that China would no longer threaten its position.

Now that the problems between Huawei and the US are close to being resolved, the Chinese technology company can operate at full capacity. The result is the Huawei Mate 30 Pro, which we have seen may replicate the concept abandoned by Samsung.

Kill 30 Pro
Alleged look of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro screen

Some of the screen shots of the Mate 30 Pro show us a screen with very sharp side curves. This may not be directly related to a device without any physical buttons, but all possibilities are open.

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