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Samsung asked and iFixit deleted Galaxy Fold teardown

Samsung asks, Samsung has. O teardown (disassembly) made by iFixit to Galaxy Fold is no longer available on the site. The test we shared yesterday with our readers revealed a rather fragile device, with 2 out of 10 at a repair rate. And apparently Samsung did not like it.

IFixit is known for its detailed teardowns (disassembly) made to the most relevant devices on the market. Although it was not officially launched (it would be today, were it not for the issues), the site got a unit from a partner and shared the test done.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Although we are talking about a test unit, this Samsung action seems to mitigate the bad publicity that the teardown do to the device. The truth is that the test lasted two days online before being withdrawn. But as Samsung must know "once on the internet, forever on the internet."

Order came through partner who provided Galaxy Fold to iFixit

IFixit is categorical of its post-teardown statement. “We received this unit from a trusted partner,” they begin by saying. "Samsung has asked through its partner that iFixit remove the teardown," the statement continues.

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Image: The Verge

Why did iFixit remove the teardown?

Although the site claims that it had no legal obligation to remove the test, it did so. Because? Apparently out of respect for the partner they consider an ally. However, disassembly will return to the site as soon as they can purchase the device from the market.

As for the reasons that motivate Samsung, we can speculate. Firstly, erase the bad publicity that is done to the device, as it exposes many of its weaknesses. On the other hand, the partner who provided the device may have breached the contract with the South Korean giant.

Samsung Galaxy Fold teardown
Image: iFixit

In the end, Samsung looks bad on photography. The teardown exposed the weaknesses of a device that was to be launched today. In addition, bad press about the device already exists, so this action only makes things worse.

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