Samsung has for some years been the largest Android manufacturer in the world. Certainly for this reason Google takes the brand seriously to be able to bring its products to more customers.

However, the relationship between Samsung and Google has not always been good. Google even threatened Samsung by giving its users a User Interface that was too heavy and that spoiled the use of Android smartphones. This at the time of TouchWiz.

Google wants its assistant on Samsung smartphones

Samsung Google smartphones

Samsung has changed its interface in recent years and now (finally) we can say that it is much more optimized. Still, Google believes that there are some aspects to improve. One, bringing Google Assistant to smartphones natively.

But it will not be easy to convince Samsung to give in. After all, the brand has been working on the implementation and improvement of its assistant, Bixby for some years now.

In fact, Samsung even went so far as to create a specific button for its assistant on some of its high-end smartphones. Although criticized for it. This is because Bixby is far from the best.

Google will have to open the purse strings

Google has a business of millions with Apple simply to make the Google search engine as predefined in Safari and I don’t think Samsung will want less. In fact, what Google is asking Samsung for is far more than what Apple has already asked for. Give up your services to offer others.

Samsung tries not to depend on Google

What happened to Huawei was a wake-up call for all Android manufacturers. Huawei cannot use Google services and its smartphones are falling in sales in Europe and the rest of the world where Google services are a priority.

Therefore, we have seen a Samsung wanting to depend on itself. For example, we don’t have Google Discovery in the corner. Instead we have the summary of Bixby.

We also see Samsung creating promotions on its Galaxy App Store instead of the Google Play Store. We have the example of when Samsung offered skins for Fortnite. The application had to be installed through the Samsung Apps store.

In short, we do not know what conclusion this business will reach. I would like to see a Samsung smartphone more “googled”, however, I can perfectly understand the ideology of Samsung.

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