Samsung continues to present itself as the world’s leading manufacturer of screens, whether for smartphones or televisions. However, even before the end of this year, the brand will implement an extreme change in its strategy. According to information published by Reuters, the manufacturer will cease production of LCD panels before the end of the year.

Apparently, once the current orders are fulfilled, Samsung has no interest in maintaining the production of LCD panels. Obviously, this decision is related to the reduction in the price of OLED panels, which are being chosen by many companies.

Samsung OLED LCD screens

OLED panel production will skyrocket in 2020 and that’s good news!

Samsung Display currently has two production lines in South Korea and two factories in China that exclusively produce LCD panels. With the total abandonment of these screens, the most likely is that Samsung will end up “renovating” these factories, starting to use them to produce OLED screens.

Although LG has not announced its intention to abandon the production of LCD screens (for smartphones), its market share is still “miles” from Samsung. Therefore, it is possible that the South Korean manufacturer will be able to help transform the smartphone market.

This year we have already started to see several mid-range smartphones and even lower ranges arrive equipped with AMOLED screens. With this new strategy from Samsung, it is possible that this trend will be even more evident over the next year.

OLED screens are considerably superior to LCDs, offering a much more advanced user experience. In addition, Samsung screens are usually considered to be the best today, guaranteeing high resolutions, impressive refresh rates and excellent HDR capabilities.

Therefore, everything indicates that in 2021 we will witness a new revolution in the world of smartphones.

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