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Samson and Audio Technica already have new microphones for podcasting (among other uses)

This is the Samson Q9U

Samson Q9U

The new Samson Q9U It is a new proposal that combines some of the features that have made other models such as the Samson Q2U so popular. This is a microphone for broadcast, podcasts, live broadcasts, live recordings, etc. All kinds of situations in which having a dynamic microphone brings more advantages or that result that is sought to be achieved in front of a condenser.

Of course, what is the real reason for it to be so attractive? Well, it is a microphone that could be considered as suitable for all types of uses and also very comfortable since it gives different connection options. On the one hand there is the classic XLR connection that forces you to use a sound or recorder interface with that connection, but that also allows you to enjoy higher quality previews and optimal microphone performance.

On the other hand, this Samson Q9U integrates USB C connection so you can connect it to any computer or mobile device with that port. This in order to have a quality solution that you can take from one place to another without problems or complications is interesting. And, for example, you connect directly to a smartphone or iPad and record your podcast.

With two extra buttons (High Pass Filter and Low Cut) to cut certain frequencies and a very striking and elegant design, it is clear that who likes this whole theme of audio and microphones the new Samsung Q9U will also attract you. And more for that aesthetic similar to Rode’s Pad Mic and many other microphones that can be seen in studios.

This new microphone still has no exact release date and its price should be around $ 199.

Audio Technica ATR2100x-USB

ATR2100x-USB C

The second interesting novelty presented at CES is the Audio Technica ATR2100x-USB, a renewal of the popular ATR2100 that now also adds the USB C connection. Thus it has both the XLR output and this one, which allows you to connect directly to the laptop or mobile devices.

In terms of design it is very similar, it maintains the same cardioid pattern and is dynamic type. That more the internal improvements with analog-to-digital conversators of higher quality, option to adjust the volume of the micro, size, weight and construction make it one of those microphones that will gradually conquer many users. Because it is also ideal to always carry when we want to record, cover events or participate in other podcasts.

The price of this Audio Technica ATR2100x-USB will be 112 dollarsYes, which could place it about 100 euros or so. So let’s see when it is available and if there are not so many problems to be able to get hold of one in certain countries as it has happened with other models of the brand.

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