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Run: PlayStation 5 units are available on Amazon

The mission to buy a PlayStation 5

PS5 Design

It is practically impossible. Sony has limited the distribution of its new console to the online market, and there is no physical store that will have units available for sale. Getting a PlayStation 5 has become a risky mission, but luckily, it seems that Amazon has gotten some extra units to distribute among those interested.

The units will be extremely limited, so you better not waste too much time and go complete the order right now before they are sold out. Most likely, everything will be completed in a matter of minutes, so hurry up and hit the buy button as soon as possible. You just have to take a look at how the reservations have gone in the rest of the authorized stores. GAME, whose website suffered a lot to support all the requests, ended up hanging the sold out sign once the page started working, and in The English Court, the console disappeared in a matter of seconds.

All the stores that have offered this second reservation period have definitely run out of consoles, so Amazon is now the last chance to get a PS5.

Physical or digital edition?


Many users are wondering which version is the best, but in reality, both are identical. The only thing you will have to think about is what type of use are you going to give the console, because if you are one of the romantics who prefers to have the physical disc and increase your collection of games on Blu-ray, you will have to buy the version yes or yes with disc reader.

On the other hand, if your thing is to throw PS Plus and buy digital games in the Store, then the digital edition option will be the best that suits your needs, it is aesthetically more beautiful because it is symmetrical and it is cheaper, as well. that better than better.

When will I receive the console?

Shipments are scheduled to take place in mid-December, so don’t expect to have it soon. The stock has been so limited that this second batch will be requested, so you will have to be a little more patient until you can finally get one. The question is, will you get it?


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