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Rode has the ultimate kit for the smartphone vlogger

Rode bets on the smartphone vlogger

It’s funny that Rode launches a new line of products in the middle of Black Friday, one of the craziest weeks of the whole year. Although it may also be the ideal time, because it is now when many users start to make those purchases that they have been waiting for so long or even just on impulse.

Anyway, whatever it is, the important thing here is that Rode has launched a new series of accessories that are aimed at the content creator who uses his smartphone as a device to record himself instead of one of the cameras intended for vlogging.

The new series introduced by the popular microphone manufacturer is the Rode Vlogger Kits, a set of accessories that offer everything you need so that your video recordings or video conferences have the best possible quality. So, if you are interested in the topic, let’s see what these are.

At the beginning we have three different kits, each of them for a type of user depending on the phone they use. So, although they all share certain accessories, it will be necessary to think carefully about which one is most interesting to you according to that, the device you use. These are two accessories:

  • Rode VideoMic: compact size microphone, but very good value for money. It is a microphone that they already had in their catalog and that many users have been using for a long time not only with mobile devices, but also with DSLR cameras or without mirrors. However, these microphones are available in three versions depending on the connection: there is a microphone with a Lightning connector designed to be used directly with iPhones, another with USB C for Android devices or even iPads that have this connector and a universal one that uses the classic 3.5mm jack. The only downside to the latter is that you lose the audio monitoring option. Interesting option when you are in a video call
  • Tripod 2: small tripod very reminiscent of the Manfrotto. With a ball head it is comfortable and quick to articulate both to place it on a surface and to be able to self-record or it can also be used for greater comfort when vlogging
  • MicroLED: small LED with its own integrated battery and a series of colored filters and diffuser to obtain a much more interesting light according to the use that you are going to give it
  • Support to place the smartphone on the tripod
  • By last, double bracket for microphone and LED in the case of the Universal Kit

Price and availability Rode vlogging kits

There are three kists for Rode’s Vlogger and they are already available with a price of 149 dollars which is not bad at all if you take into account what each of the microphones and the small LED cost mainly. So, if you are interested, you just have to be attentive for when it is available in the store where you usually buy this type of equipment.

A proprietary solution that you can also assemble on your own

As you can imagine this from Rode is nothing you can’t do or assemble on your own. The same solutions have been on the market for a long time. The only advantage here is that you already have the complete kit and it is being sold to you by a well-known brand in all these areas. But what has been said, if it does not compensate you by price or you are looking for something different for some reason, you just have to go to online stores like Amazon and make your own smartphone vlogging kit.

Rode Videomic Microphones

Rode VideoMic microphones have long been sold separately in their universal versions with 3.5mm jack connection and Lightning.

Mini LED spotlight

In lighting issues the options of Litra or Luma Cube They are the most similar to this one offered by Rode, although there are a multitude of LED spotlights for use with smartphones or compact cameras where you want to have an extra light.

These two are just a couple of examples, because as we say there are many more at even cheaper prices in exchange for less autonomy or light power. Or if it offers the same number of lumens at the same distance it is possible that the size increases considerably or they use batteries instead of lithium ion battery

Manfrotto mini tripod

In a matter of small tripod for smartphone, you will also be able to find a multitude of options, although the most recommended is and will always be Manfrotto’s own and that on some occasion we have recommended you. Of which, by the way, there is a version that includes smartphone support. Although if you want to place the LED spotlight, you will have to look for some other option with a hot shoe like this Neewer Pro for smartphone with a cold shoe.

As you can see, there are many options and Rode does not reinvent anything. The only thing that it does and does it very well is to make everything easier for the user because it will find in a single kit a wide variety of accessories with which to do more creative and higher quality things with your smartphone. Whether it is for vlogging, to start a YouTube channel or simply enhance your work or family video calls.

* Note to the reader: in the text you will find links to Amazon that are part of an affiliate program for the brand. All have been freely selected by the editors of EntertainmentBox, and at no time are our recommendations conditioned by any request.


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