Rock-type Pokemon Weaknesses & Resistances

Published: 2022-11-22T16:15:00

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If Rock-type Pokemon are causing you to hit a wall, here’s how to take advantage of their weaknesses in battle to bring them down with the best counters – as well as details of their resistances.

Rock-type Pokemon They can be difficult to remove because they are as tough as stones by nature. They’re also easily confused with Ground-type Pokemon and can be deadly to an inexperienced trainer who doesn’t know how to exploit their weaknesses.

HoweverLike any other element of the Pokemon Game series RockYou can counter these -types by taking advantage of their weaknesses. Now That Pokemon Scarlet Violet are with us, here’s what you need to know to survive an encounter with a Rock-type Pokemon – and to come out victorious.

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Rock-type Pokemon Weaknesses

Rock-type Pokemon Have five main weaknesses in regards to opposing and moves Pokemon types: Grass, Water, Steel, FightingAnd Ground-types.

ThereforeWhen trying to get rid of a Rock-type PokemonConsider bringing along a group that includes Pokemon These are the categories they belong to. AlsoFocus on the moves of those types to get the best out of your battle.

Don’t forget that a Pokemon Multiple types can be used For example, your chosen ‘mon may be a Rock Ground Oder Flying-type Pokemon. So Be aware of the secondary type to ensure you take advantage of any weaknesses they might have.

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Best For counters Rock-type Pokemon

When Concurring against Rock-types, Pokemon Similar to Poliwrath, FerroseedAnd Rhydon are reliable options – basically, any Pokemon This combines two Rock-type weaknesses. Each One represents one of several weaknesses, which every Rock-type shares.

Always Keep in mind that Pokemon’s secondary type when selecting your counter Pokemon Moves While The three above examples work against the following: RockTypes of the opposite Pokemon You may encounter resistances depending on the primary and secondary types.

Golem is a rock type PokemonThe Pokemon Company / Niantic

Golem Is a solid foundation PokemonHowever, it does have some weaknesses that could be exploited.

Rock-type Pokemon strengths & resistances

As As well as being weak, Rock-type Pokemon They are resistant to some types of moves and movements. When Affronting a Rock-type Pokemon, avoid using Fire, Flying, NormalAnd Poison-types.

RockStrong against -type attacks is also a strong defense Bug, Fire, FlyingAnd Ice-type Pokemon. SoWhen you are in battle with a Rock-type PokemonYou should change them accordingly.

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What It is possible to Rock-type Pokemon?

Rock-type Pokemon They are easy to identify because they look similar to boulders and other rocks-related objects. HoweverSome RockTypes of – have less distinctive features It is easy to confuse with Ground-type Pokemon.

They Sometimes, these types overlap with each other. RockLook for features that include rock, stones, boulders or crags. Ground-type Pokemon They may be slightly different in style.

So, that’s all of the weaknesses and resistances you need to know about to help you bring down Rock-type Pokemon In the series.

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