Robot or vacuum broom, which is the best option?

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Robot vacuum cleaner vs vacuum broom

iRobot Roomba 960There are household chores that are very tedious, mainly because they are repetitive and to a certain extent you need to do them every day. One of them is to clean or sweep the floor, to eliminate all kinds of elements that can fall. For example, food scraps, our own or pet hair, and in general dust and mites.

Fortunately, technology goes far beyond devices with screens that allow us to connect to social networks to see what a person is doing on the other side of the world. The main purpose of this is none other than to solve daily problems and cleaning the home is one of them.

This is how the robot vacuum cleaners. iRobot was the first company to introduce one of these devices that over time have become very popular. So much so that today we not only have options for all budgets, but also needs. Because there will be users for whom a simple time schedule is enough, while others will want to have more data on the cleaning process and even control through the Internet in case they want to activate it from outside the home.

However, Are this type of device valid for everyone? Just what you think may be the best option for everyone turns out to be only for you. Or even the opposite, you are wrong and by not giving it a chance you still continue to invest a certain amount of time each day in a task that you could automate. So, let’s see the keys of each of the devices.

Advantages and disadvantages of robot vacuum cleaners

Roomba-type robot vacuum cleaners have a clear and main advantage over any other system: they can autonomously clean the house. Depending on the model you choose, you will have more or fewer options, but the basic one will always be there. And yes, it is very practical to be able to sweep the floor and vacuum all the dirt while you continue doing other tasks or simply rest after a day of work in the office.

In addition, the latest models from many brands include advanced features that enhance performance. For example, home mapping has been improved and cleaning is much more efficient by covering the entire surface of the room in which you clean. There are also sensors that are capable of detecting which surfaces are dirtiest and require extra cleaning time. And, of course, the programming and remote control options.

Thanks to the latter, you can not only set what days and at what time you want it to clean. You can also indicate the rooms to do each day or even activate the robot from work or while you are away from home by simply accessing the options of the mobile application.

All these advantages allow you to enjoy a time that otherwise you would not have. Of course, there is no perfect system and despite its advantages, it also has disadvantages that you should consider. The first is that the cleaning process is much slower. This means that the robot must be running longer to clean the entire house.

Also, in addition to time, there is the problem that if the house is too big it will have to be done in stages. Well, if the battery runs out, you will have to return to the base, recharge and continue where you left off. All this without counting that the garbage can not fill and also stop for it. Here it is true that there are models that even allow an automatic emptying to have greater autonomy. But they are the least common and, therefore, you will have to be the one who takes care of emptying it every day or the days you use it.

And finally there is the issue of noise. They are not as annoying as the first models, but they are still heard and can be quite annoying. Although you also have the option of wearing headphones or listening to some music while cleaning and so it doesn’t bother you so much.

Advantages and disadvantages of vacuum brooms

Xiaomi vacuum cleaner

On the other hand, there are those who prefer to continue using a traditional vacuum cleaner or a vacuum broom. This last option is the one that has been winning the most points lately for various reasons. So, even at the same price, there are users who prefer these cleaning systems to one of the previous robots.

The main reason is agility with which you can get to sweep the whole house. Now that there are many completely wireless models there will be no cable in between to disturb you while you vacuum the entire house. In addition, as it collects all the dirt in its tank, you should not worry about going with the dustpan, that it falls and those typical things that usually happen.

In addition, the vacuum brooms also have very varied accessories that give you the option to use them in different types of scenarios. You can not only sweep the floor, but also collect the mijitas that fall on the sofa if one day you have dinner while enjoying a movie or meeting with friends. Well, introduce an extensive one to access more complicated places, such as under or above furniture.

Of course, all these advantages imply one that robot vacuum cleaners do not have: you. You have to use these brooms, so you are not earning that extra time that a “Roomba” does give you. Even so, as you direct where you want to vacuum or not, the average cleaning time is much less than that required by a robot vacuum cleaner.

Robot or vacuum broom, which one to choose?

At this point, what is the ideal cleaning device for your needs? Well, you may already have it clear, but if not, this may help you. The idea is that you consider aspects such as type of house, people and even pets that live with you, time you spend and level of dirt that can be generated as well as other personal conditions. With all this, choosing is much easier.

Still, this scheme will be useful to you:

  • If you want to forget about the task of cleaning the house and save time for other activities, robot vacuum cleaners give you that option
  • Robot vacuum cleaners are also very useful for people with disabilities or mobility problems
  • A robot vacuum cleaner is slower than using a vacuum broom, because you go straight to where you need to sweep
  • Maintenance of a vacuum broom is usually less
  • Vacuum brooms are more versatile to clean in other settings away from the floor of your home
  • The most advanced models of robot vacuum cleaners are more expensive than vacuum brooms

Evaluate which one can best suit your lifestyle. Do not get carried away by the opinion of one or the other without thinking well what you need. Because what for some may be very convenient for you could not be so.

3 recommended robot vacuum cleaners

Now that you know what it’s all about. If you are looking for a robot vacuum cleaner, you should know that there are many options on the market. We ourselves recently proposed several proposals for you to find the best robot vacuum cleaners. Still, these are three of our favorite options for price and performance.

Conga 1099 Series

Economical robot with good floor cleaning capacity and remote control options through an application that you can install on your mobile phone. It also integrates a remote control and can be used through Amazon and Google voice assistants. The only drawback is that compared to other models the suction power is lower.

Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner 1C

One of the best-selling and most valued vacuum cleaners on the market. The simple fact of being from Xiaomi is already a guarantee for many, being able to offer a good design with attractive features at an attractive price. It really is like that and together with the ability to sweep the floor it also offers a 200 ml tank to scrub if we want it. The robot also offers an app for remote control and voice command support

iRobot i7 + Roomba

The most advanced proposal from iRobot, the Roomba i7 + not only offers the latest technology from the brand, but also a base station that allows the device to be charged and the main tank to be emptied. Thus, the robot vacuum requires less maintenance than other options. Ideal if you want to ignore more throughout the week. Those yes, these extras imply a higher price than the previous proposals.

3 recommended vacuum brooms

If you decided that robot vacuum cleaners are not for you, the vacuum brooms will allow you to sweep the dirt from the house quickly and efficiently. Again there are many models on the market, but we will focus on three alternatives that offer quality and greater freedom by being wireless.

Xiaomi Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Again Xiaomi has a vacuum broom that by design and performance has earned the trust of many users. Not only is it attractive, it also has a great cleaning capacity and multiple accessories to clean all types of surfaces from dust and mites. It can also be easily disassembled for a complete cleaning of all its elements.

Roborock H6

Halfway in price, the Roborock handheld vacuum or broom model offers interesting features and again a wide variety of accessories for cleaning in corners and other hard-to-reach places. A proposal with which you can clean the house or other places for 90 minutes without charging in ECO mode or 10 minutes at full power for when you need it.

Dyson V11

As with robot vacuum cleaners, Dyson is one of the most respected brands and has several models among which the Dyson V11 stands out. This vacuum broom offers impressive suction power, capable of quickly picking up any type of dirt from the floor or other surfaces. It is true that the investment is to think about it, but those who bet on it do not regret it.

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