Robert Downey Jr., from Iron Man helmet to Star Wars saber

Robert Downey Jr., from Iron Man helmet to Star Wars saber

Iron Man, one of the most iconic characters in the MCU

Iron Man has always enjoyed immense popularity in the Marvel comic world, so finding the right actor to play this character was by no means an easy task. Now it seems impossible to us that someone other than Robert Downey Jr. gave him life, but when this path in the MCU began there were doubts about whether Downey would be able to impress the superhero with the necessary character and charisma. And boy did he. Throughout the Infinity Saga He has been one of the heavyweights of the cast, one of the most recognized and loved faces by fans and, consequently, one of the highest paid actors in the industry.

Hombre de Hierro

To think of Tony Stark, the great character created by Stan Lee, is to see the face of Robert Downey Jr. in our heads, so now that his participation in the UCM has come to an end, many wonder what will become of the actor and above all in which jobs will you move to detach yourself from your role as Super Hero.

We know that Downey intends to create a complete Sherlock Holmes universe, but it seems that it would not be the only project the actor is up to: rumors speak that he could soon take the lightsaber within the Star Wars franchise. Almost nothing.

Tony Stark in Star Wars?

For some it will sound a bit shocking, precisely because of the identification we make of his face with Tony Stark, but the latest rumors speak that Disney is very interested in the actor joining its great franchise from Star Wars.

The information comes from the hand of Daniel Richtman, known for his contributions and leaks in the world, who assures that the house of the mouse has a special interest in Robert Downey Jr. feel the force. Richtman’s source has not given him more information on what specific project he would be involved in, or what role he will play, but just knowing that the actor would appear in the next Star wars sure that is enough incentive and reason for hype for many.

Stories to choose from, of course, there are quite a few: in principle, it is expected that Ryan johnson develop a trilogy, Kevin Feige He also has a film in the pipeline belonging to the franchise and let’s not forget that a film directed by Taika waititi. Downey Jr. could work with any of the three directors and he will be more than welcome in all of them.

What do you think about the idea? Would you like to see the actor in the Star Wars universe?


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