In August 2017 Essential Phone was launched. A device that divided opinions, and whose great flag was a user interface very close to pure Android.

The startup that developed it, Essential, was founded by Andy Rubin, a parent of Android. After almost three years without launching a second smartphone, the company has now announced that it will close doors.

Essential Phone
Essential Phone launched in 2017 was the company’s only smartphone

Essential Phone received the last update on February 3rd

“We made the difficult decision to stop operations and close Essential”, it can be read in the official statement shared by the company. As a result of this, the update received by Essential Phone on February 3, was the last one developed by the brand’s software team.

“Your PH-1 will continue to function but we will not provide any additional updates or customer support,” warns Essential. This means that if you happen to have an Essential Phone, it will stick to Android 10.

We have reported several times the fact that the brand would be working on a new device. This was referred to as Project GEM, but it will never see the light of day after this news.

The great advantage of Essential Phone was that it received updates quite quickly and on a regular basis. The bugs were many, and the smartphone was divided between those who adored it and those who hated it.

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