Rii i12 keyboard Review

Rii i2 Keyboard great accessory for any Kodi/smart TV box will make navigating your system a breeze this device will make typing in those repo’s or sending your daily emails easy work. Rii i12 keyboard is another quality product that entertainment box feels no Android user should be without. be whatever your needs are if its social media then this will be perfect for typing your tweets or composing your posts even maintaining your websites. Shop NOW

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Rii i12 keyboard Review

Opening the box of the Rii i12 keyboard speaks quality right away the Graphite matt look to the keys and the touchpad with white lettering and light blue highlights on your function keys makes visibility so easy.  the look of Rii i12 keyboard gives you a sense of its durability and you know that in your hands you hold a quality product the stainless steel back only goes to confirm this more.

Rii i12 mini keyboard

The USB extension lead has three ports this goes to aid the USB receiver if any interference should occur from the type of tech you are using it with. This keyboard is capable of performing all your media needs it is also of portable size so can be packed up along with your one of our Best TV boxes for gaming with your friends.

Rii i12 can work your android box with the same ease as the S77 pro remote across a vast range of our tech available here at entertainment box please feel free to browse around our other accessories or visit our tech repair centre for any issues you might have concerning your existing device.

Product Description



  1. Most Ultra-slim with stainless steel
  2. Portable and fashionable
  3. Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, using USB cable for charging,
  4. TouchPad with multi-finger functions
  5. A single finger click as left mouse function, two-finger click as the right mouse function
  6. Auto sleep for saving battery, clicking on any key to activate.

Easy operation

  • Step 1: Take out the USB Dongle placed in back slot of the keyboard
  • Step 2: Plug the USB dongle on your device’s USB Port.
  • Step 3: Turn on the mini wireless keyboard

Please note:

  • 1. if your device has a large monitor, such as smart TV and Android TV box, you may have the following problem:
  • A: short range, can only use in less than 3m
  • B: when press “a”,”aaaa….” appear
  • C: uncontrollable cursor

Please use the three port extension cable we shipped to you to solve them: plug the USB dongle into the extension cable and plug extension cable on your device. Please make sure the cable main part is in front of monitor

When the blue LED stays on, it means it has been paired successfully. If it’s not on, please do as follow to pair:

  • Step1: Keep your PC on, and be sure the keyboard has power
  • Step2: Press the “ F1” without releasing.
  • Step3: Power on the keyboard and release the ” F1″ immediately.
  • Step4: Plug the USB receiver on the USB port of your PC.

3.FN+ESC = Convert two auto sleep models (model 1 : 3 minis, model 2: 2 hours )

FN+F8 =enable / disable TouchPad mouse function

FN+SPACE=Adjust cursor speed (DPI)

Box Contains

  • 1 x Mini Wireless keyboard
  • 2.4G Receiver Adaptor
  • Charging data cable
  • User manual


The Rii i12 Keyboard is one of the best in its class. its low in price and still has all the functions of a normal full sized keyboard. The Rii i12 is on sale now so grab one today from this Link.