Rick and Morty: Adult Swim Renews Series for 70 Episodes

Rick and Morty: Adult Swim Renews Series for 70 Episodes
Rick and Morty Adult Swim Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick is one of the most iconic episodes of the series.

A series that has become cult. Iconic moments like Get Schwifty and Pickle Rick are very much alive in the memory of the fans. Rick and Morty has been renewed by Adult Swim on a 70-episode contract, which could make the show air for another decade.

The series has only three seasons to date with 31 episodes. Numbers that make this contract even more important. This is more than double what we have seen so far. And the announcement, made by the show's creators, couldn't be Rick and Morty-style anymore.

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On the official Instagram page of Dan Harmon, one of the creators, a video is made in the shower in which they both talk about getting back to work. After the release, you can read Dan Harmon's interview with GQ. By having a 70 episode deal, there is a commitment that will allow the creators full focus on the show.

Rick and Morty could be in the air for another decade

In a process of negotiating with advances and setbacks, Dan Harmon and Justin Rolland now look with great confidence to the future. Given that there is now a structure where they can now do what they want, which is to invest all the time in the project.

At this moment there is no data on how episodes will be divided by seasons. However, if the 10/11 episode pattern is followed at 18-month intervals between seasons, we can expect a series for the next decade.

The series has been broadcast on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network's adult channel) since 2013. Also available on Netflix, follows the adventures of drunken scientist Rick and his bewildered grandson Morty. It is one of the most cultured series among the Millenials and now has the deserved renovation.

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