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Cord Cutting Solution for Saving Money 2017

Cord Cutting Solution for Saving Money 2017

Cord Cutting Solution for Saving Money 2017

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Cord Cutting Solution? More and More people are paying thousands of pounds a year for their TV, Movie and Sports entertainment with popular subscription services. A lot of people are now turning away from this and looking for a cord cutting solution for saving money.

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We at EntertainmentBox.com are able to offer a solution for those looking to save money by providing the best and the latest Smart TV Boxes on the market. Whether this is via the Android platform, Ubuntu, Windows or more, we offer customers a chance to watch everything they want, when they want.

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The most popular choice for watching content is an Android TV Box.


So, What is An Android TV Box?

Android is an extremely popular operating system for more than one billion devices. With Android, you can use all the Google Apps from the constantly growing Google Play Store. With an Android TV Box, you can get access to all of these apps direct to your television.

So, if there's an app in the Google Play Store, you can get it on your Android TV Box. This may be gaming apps, streaming apps, educational apps, the possibilities are endless. With an Android TV Box, you can choose your apps, your way for a completely unique experience.

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Of course which apps you choose to download is totally down to you. If you are looking for an app for TV and Movie streaming then the choices are there for you to able to download it. If you are looking for maybe Sports content, then the choice is there for you to be able to download anything yourself.

Popular apps such as Kodi, Aptoide and much more are all available for you to download. With an Android TV Box the possibilities are endless for you to download and to decide what you want to watch and when you want to watch it, so anyone can become a cord cutter.

This is why many people are turning to Smart TV Boxes as a cord cutting solution for saving money.

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Why choose EntertainmentBox.com?

Here at EntertainmentBox.com, we offer unrivalled customer support.

With 24/7 support via email and a 7 day, a week manned Twitter support. There are not many companies that offer this kind of support.

You can follow us on Twitter here

There are many companies that sell Smart TV Boxes, but if you are a new user, sometimes new things can be daunting. That's why for our customers we offer instructional videos and guides that make life a lot easier for the new user.

We offer full instructional videos and unboxing videos via our YouTube channel. Whether you are looking for how to install Kodi, troubleshooting for your device or what a device looks like. Our unrivalled YouTube channel can offer everything you are looking for.

You can view our YouTube videos here and you can subscribe to our YouTube channel here, so you never miss a video.

We offer some of the best and most tested user-friendly Smart TV Boxes available on the market. We don't just offer the latest box because it is new, we offer what we believe are the best Boxes on the market. To support this we also offer updated firmware and over the air support with revolutionary apps such as the OTA updater, which makes updating firmware an absolute doddle.

We also offer our unique all in one Android App. This will keep you up to date with the latest apps available, the latest versions of firmware that you need, as well as all of the latest news.

To view all of the supported downloads, please click here.

As you can see when you purchase from EntertainmentBox we offer you full lifetime support, which is why we are a name you can trust.

You can see by our Twitter feed how happy our customers are with our team of dedicated support staff.

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What can my TV Box do? 

In short. Anything YOU choose to turn you Smart TV Box into is down to YOU. These devices are YOUR devices, with YOUR apps, YOUR Streaming, YOUR way.

We at EntertainmentBox do not offer pre-configured “Fully Loaded” Boxes, let's leave that to the unscrupulous sellers on auction sites, that offer you no guarantees, no support and in some cases inferior cloned non-genuine Smart TV Boxes that will not last.

The great thing about these Smart TV Boxes on the Android TV Box, is they let you unlock your TV dependent on what you choose to download.

You can choose to:

  • Download Apps to turn you Box into a Games machine
  • Download Apps to watch Live TV
  • Download Apps to watch Live Sport or On Demand
  • Download Apps to watch Movies
  • Download Apps to watch TV programmes
  • Download Android's most popular apps such as Netflix, Kodi and such

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As well as turning you Smart TV Box into an all in one media centre that you can watch all of your TV, Sport or Movies on, you can also use your Smart TV Box for gaming.

Everyone loves all of the classic retro games. Well, here at EntertainmentBox we are no different. In fact, we love them that much we have collated all of the best emulators and ROMs for you.

Now you can play all the classics on your Android TV box and what better way to play all of your favourite games than with our Ipega Wireless Bluetooth controller

To find out more on the Emulators to download you can click here.

All of these Cord Cutting Solution is what the smart people are turning to in an effort to their Cord Cutting Solution for Saving Money.

What can I buy?

We offer some of the best TV Boxes around for all of your streaming needs. Feel free to have a look around the Shop.

Our Flagship devices are currently the T8 – AML – V2 Android TV Box and the T8 – AML – V3 Android TV Box which can be found on sale here

We have much more Smart devices on sale which can be found on sale here, these include Window devices, Amazon devices and Android devices.

We also offer many products available from the EntertainmentBox Warehouse which can be found on sale here

I'm new to this, I have a few questions:

No problem. That's the difference with EntertainmentBox.com. We want to help you make the right decision for a Cord Cutting Solution,  or simply answer any nagging questions you may have.

Getting in touch with us is simple and there are a few ways to do it.

You can also join our Mailing List to never miss the latest Cord Cutting Solution, updates or special offers – Click here to join our mailing list 

Win yourself a brand new t8-aml-v3s combo package and become a cord cutter

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