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Review of Shop UK Amazon Fire 4K TV Kodi pre installed


January 12, 2015

Review for Shop UK Amazon Fire 4K TV Kodi pre installed

Fantastic TV box. I’ve had Apple TV 2 and T8 in the past, but this really is superior to both!

The Operating system is quite locked down by amazon. There is no native access to any app stores – you have to download apps from the Amazon App store on your computer – the Fire TV will then sync with your account and add apps.

You can however sideload with ADBfire or FTP from a computer and it works well. The operating system itself seems slicker and more responsive than Android on the T8, it’s more like using a purpose built interface than an OS for a tablet. It just works and never goes wrong – Plus it’s lightning fast.

The Apps recommended by Droidstick here:
all work really well and give some nice alternatives to SPMC. Amazon Prime TV works great, but doesn’t really give access to anything that you can’t find elsewhere.

Plex runs amazingly well on the Fire TV – I find it much better for streaming from a hard drive than the native SPMC capabilities.

SPMC runs very quickly and just works. It’s on a par with the T8, except that the remote on the Fire TV is much much better. The Droidsticks Wizrd is faultless and gives quick access to everything you could want. I also love that I can access all of the Android apps from within SPMC – so I can load Plex, Showtime etc without exiting SPMC and returning to the home page.

One useful tip. Your apps appear in the settings menu and you need to scroll around a bit to find SPMC. If you purchase SPMC from the Amazon app store (It’s free!), it will then appear on your Fire TV homepage for quick access. Only apps signed by Amazon will ever appear on this homepage, so this is the best way of getting easy SPMC access. You can also use ABDFire to make the device boot automatically into SPMC.

For the money, I am convinced that there is no better device on the market. It’s not as customisable as the T8, but if you just want a media centre and you’re not bothered about adding too many apps or games, it wins hands down.

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