Netflix and PlayStore issues


April 6, 2017

Review for Ultra Compact EBox Q Smart Kodi TV Box OTA Upgraded “MXQ 4K Box” Android 6.1

For the most part the box is good. Kodi 17.1 plays well (you will need this version if you want more streaming sources as 16.1 does not support SSL). However, Netflix will not even install and PlayStore refuses to update. This is even after clearing out the cache and data from playstore, play services, services framework and download manager. Emailed support who advise that this is a known issue and will be fixed in next firmware update, but cant tell me when this will be. Other minor issues were that the key mappings for the enter key on the k12 keyboard did not function as expected and had to be manually remapped. The same for the stop button on the standard remote for kodi (pauses rather than stops). The provided launcher does not allow for customising the main buttons and was swapped out. Lastly, looking at the specs in depth, you will never be able to play Netflix in 4k, even when it is working, because the DRM Widevine is not the correct level. Expect to use only SD. Best use of this box is for anything but Netflix.

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