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Review the 1st season of The Mandalorian with these figurines

A first season to frame

The first season of The Mandalorian left us with a very good taste in our mouths, we don’t have to tell you. It was undoubtedly the great surprise of Disney + in 2019 – it is not even that it had much more offer to launch, it must also be said – since it achieved something that seemed to have been lost with the passage of time: to maintain the essence of Star Wars.

The project, created by its manager and showrunner Jon Favreau (who turns everything he touches into gold), thus presents us with a new story within the universe of Star Wars in which our protagonist is a Mandalorian, a lone warrior bounty hunter who crosses his path with a little creature that everyone yearns to possess. “Command”, as he is sometimes called, realizes that something is not right and that his intentions to capture the adorable baby are anything but good, so he decides to become his defender and avoid at all costs that he falls into it. bad hands.

The Mandalorian

After dealing with different enemies, the season ends with the conviction on the part of the Mandalorian that he must find the place of origin of Baby Yoda, and thus return him with his kind so that it grows and develops normally.

Obviously the recreations of Matthew Cohen, our protagonist today, do not reach this level of detail, but they could be considered a good starting point to recall several of the important scenes that have been related to the plot that we have just told you. And if you don’t believe it, take a look.

The Mandalorian scenes on dolls

Cohen is a photographer who specializes in capturing scenes with miniature dolls. His Instagram account is full of moments related to the world of Star Wars (also with other films, but the great bulk is dedicated to the franchise), which he spends a lot of time between mounting, capturing and then editing with Photoshop and Lightroom.

With his skill he has managed to recreate great scenes, including many of those we have seen in the first season of The Mandalorian and that now could well serve as a summary of its first eight episodes. In the following image, for example, we see the arrival of Mando to the house where he was with Baby Yoda, moment belonging to the end of the first chapter.

The next scene is also mythical: Baby Yoda with his soup bowl (while watching Mando and Cara fight).

Another moment of The Child, arriving by ship with Command to a new planet, Sorgan.

Here you can see the Mandalorian on the planet Nevarro (If you slide to the next photos, you will see part of the assembly set).

And in this you have Face dune fighting in episode 6.

We could have a good time collecting images, but I think you’ve already got a good idea of ​​the photographer’s style and the curious moments that he is capable of recreating. You can take a look at the rest of his work in our Source. All yours.


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