MXQ HF10 Smart Speaker TV box Alexa and Android Speaker

In this post, we’re going to be taking a look at the MXQ HF10 Alexa Smart Speaker TV Box. It runs off the Amlogic S905X, 64-bit Quad Core chipset with 1GB of DDR3 RAM and 8GB of ROM. This is a Smart TV box with a difference it’s also a smart home speaker. using Amazon Alexa services it is now possible to have the best of both worlds in one, A Smart Speaker and a TV box that uses the full unlocked Android version. View the MXQ HF10 in our store

MXQ HF10 Smart Speaker TV box Alexa powered Android Speaker Image

MXQ HF10 Video demo, Review, Unboxing

Below is the video demo of our MXQ HF10 that will show you a compleat unboxing and review on how everything works. 

MXQ HF10 Design 

Diving right into the box and removing the plastic covering, we immediately find the small, sleek black device. Setting it upright will reveal the top black metal speaker and four buttons at each corner: The power button, the up and down volume buttons, and the skip track button. Turning the device to the back we find a USB port, ethernet port, HDMI and SD card ports and the power adapter port. There is also a small infrared pad in the front which rounds out this device simple yet elegant design.

Whats in the box?

The MXQ Hf10 comes with an added extra, the S77 Pro remote. This is everything that comes standard with the MXQ Alexa Smart Speaker TV Box. However, as a special bonus, Entertainment box has decided to include the SS7 Pro Remote control with the purchase of this device. This unique remote matches the MXQ perfectly. It has motion sensitivity for optimal use with your TV Box or other devices. The buttons on the face and the highly functional keypad on the back can be illuminated so there won’t be any eye strain when using this accessory in the dark.

  • Power adapter,
  • The remote control (with standard volume and control functions) 
  • HDMI cable. 
  • S77 Pro remote

Alexa MXQ voice functions

Now, we’ll power everything up and have a look at the display as well as try out a few of this devices voice-activated commands. As you can see the visuals are crisp and the standard launcher looks great. We’ll go into more about the launcher and it’s functionality later. This is some of the MXQ’s voice-activated functions we tested and all works extremely well.

  • “What’s the time?”
  • “What your name?”
  • “What can you do?”
  • “Tell me a story.”
  • “Stop.”
  • “What’s the news?”
  • “Stop.”
  • “Is it going to rain today?”

Popular apps like YouTube run smoothly with no lag and movies can be viewed in 4k or UHD. Those familiar with Alexa powered devices know that this technology is surprisingly accurate and easy to use, and you can even add new skills by using the Alexa app. Opening the app and navigating to the settings, you can see that you can add new skills to Alexa device. There are many to choose from, but we have installed and tested the Absolute Radio app. By saying  “Play Absolute Radio.” the Alexa MXQ will automatically start playing the last radio station played. Alternatively, you can say play a radio station and Alexa will start to play the station you asked her to play. 

MXQ HF10 with voice remote

MXQ Alexa Android functions

Now we’ll dive more into the MXQ’s TV Box functionality. For those interesting in streaming movies and live television, applications like Plex are perfectly suited for this task. Link your Netflix account and stream all their content flawlessly using this device. Prime video also has loads of content as well. With the FULL version of the Android operating system on this device, the options for finding, downloading, and using applications are seemingly endless. As always, we’ve installed our custom/streamlined version of Kodi known as the EBox Media Center or EBMC.  Aptoide TV is also a fantastic alternative to the Google Play Store for finding, downloading, and installing your favourite applications.

HF10 MXQ Launcher

The launcher is very responsive and clicking on any of the app buttons launches that application immediately. There is a task killer will close any open application. You can also add more shortcuts to the bottom of the home screen by clicking the “plus” button and then clicking your favourite apps.

Stand-alone Smart speaker functions

If you disconnect the HDMI cable from the back of the display you can listen to the speaker as a standalone device. By doing this it allows the MXQ HF10 to work just like any other smart speaker, including the Google Home, Apple HomePod or the Amazon Echo. If you use the MXQ HF10 as a smart speaker no TV is needed as it uses the MXQ’s built-in speaker. 

MXQ HF10 Remote

MXQ HF10 Conclusion

The MXQ HF10 is a smart speaker and TV box in one. Using the Alexa functions you can ask her any question and she will try to help you in any way possible. Not only will the MXQ answer questions it is also possible to switch on lights, turn on your heating and control lights and plugs. Another good point is it runs on the Android OS and utilizes the full Android Play store features. Now you don’t have to choose between getting a TV box or a Smart Home Speaker you can get the MXQ HF10 that will do everything.

This is the MXQ Alexa Smart Speaker TV Box brought to you by EntertainmentBox