EBox R99 V2 4GB ram, 64GB eMMc

Review EBox R99 V2 4GB Ram 64GB Storage

In this post, we are going to review at one of our latest TV boxes the R99 V2. This device is packed with features including 4GB of RAM that can make light work of tasks and games. It also has a massive 64GB of storage space for apps, games, or movies.  We have also added the R99 V2 to our post Which Best TV box for 2018 to buy? as the R99 V2 is definitely worth adding to out top devices on the market. You can also compare this TV box on our TV box comparison page. You can see how this device stands up to the other devices we sell. 

Video review R99 TV box

Unboxing the EBox R99 V2

As we move straight to the unboxing, we quickly discover a compact, square and sleek black device. The R99 has an RK3328 Quad-Core CPU and has 4 Gigs of RAM and 64 Gigs of ROM.

To one side we find HDMI and Ethernet ports, optical and audio ports and the power cable port. Turning to the other side, we find a Micro SD card slot, three USB 2 ports and one USB 3 port.

Further, into the box, we find the standard power cable, remote control and HDMI cable.

Here is everything that comes included when you purchase the R99 V2 Smart TV Box. This device also supports dual-band Wi-Fi and is equipped with VP9 decoding, which allows for quicker streaming of 4k video.

Accessories available for the R99 V2

EBox S77 Pro

For demonstration purposes, we will also be using the S77 Pro Remote. This remote far exceeds the capabilities of the standard remote control. It has a backlight for use in dimly lit areas. There is a keyboard on the back to allow for quicker interaction with search bars. It has a mic that works in conjunction with voice activation software. It even functions as a point and click air mouse for more precise navigation; such as moving app icons around within your launcher. The EBox S77 pro remote is perfect for those looking to get the best experience out of their R99 or another TV box. 

EBox PG-9028 Ipega Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller

This Bluetooth gaming controller is perfect for anyone who enjoys playing games on their TV box. It had a touchpad on the face and can be used for navigation within your launcher. It has all the familiar gaming buttons and even comes equipped with an expandable slot to lock in your mobile phone and play all your favourite mobile games using the controller’s superior functionality.

Both the EBox S77 Pro Remote and the Bluetooth Gaming controller are available for purchase now

Home Launchers

Powering up the device we go immediately to the home screen of the Nova Launcher, one of the most popular and highly customizable launchers available. This comes included with the R99 V2 but, if you prefer, there is also the basic home launcher. This is a no-frills launcher which is simple to navigate and allows you to add your favourite apps to the bottom of the screen for quicker access.


EBox Connect VPN free for 1-Year

Next, we are going to have a look at the EBox Connect VPN Service. This Virtual Private Network service is encrypted and keeps no logs so that your data and viewing information are not viewable by your internet service provider.

Right now, with the purchase of the R99 V2, you will get a 1-year subscription to this fantastic service which is a £40 value. As you can see, there are numerous servers from which you are able to connect and protect your privacy while using your R99 V2. For those with older TV boxes that want to take advantage of this service, the EBox Connect VPN application is available on the Google Play Store which will allow you to connect to a few of the free servers to try out this high-quality service.

OTA updates

Keeping your device current on the latest software is important. That’s why we include the EBox OTA app with all of our TV boxes. Simply access this app from time to time to check and see when there are available updates to your device and ensure you are always up to date on the latest software.

Watch 4K YouTube videos

Now we are going to play a few YouTube videos. The R99 Version 2 will allow to set the resolution to 4K Ultra HD. You can see that the image is indeed crystal clear and running smoothly in the highest resolution and quality allowable by YouTube.

Preinstalled software

Now let us have a look at some of the software that’s preinstalled onto the R99. It has 5 different application stores this ensures you will always be able to find any application. Our EBox store is perfect for getting the latest version of Kodi, downloading popular apps that we find useful and other applications organized by country of origin.

Latest Kodi 

Of course, the R99 V2 comes pre-installed with the latest version of Kodi.  As you can see, we are running version 17.6 which is the most current and stable version. When Kodi 18 Leia is released you will find it in the EBox store waiting to download. 

Gaming performance

Now let’s have a look at a few games running on the R99 V2. As you can see, these games run flawlessly with no lag or graphical chop.

Airplay / Miracast

Here we are going to be demonstrating the Airplay feature which allows you to mirror cast content, such as movies or photographs, to your main display from either your Apple or Android mobile devices.

Finally Benchmarks

Finally, let’s use GeekBench on this device which is a cross-platform benchmark test. We see that the R99 V2 clocks in at 1,514 as a Multi-core Score. Scrolling down we can see a more detailed breakdown of how well this processor performs.



Review EBox R99 V2 Smart TV box on Android | 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM conclusion

We have reviewed the new EBox R99 and can conclude this is a very fine TV box to own. The R99 can play games, stream 4K Youtube videos and many other high-end tasks. You can pick up the brand new R99 TV box from our store with this LINK. Thanks for taking the time to go through our R99 V2 TV box review.