Home Android apps Retro gaming on Android TV Boxes | best Android TV powered box for gaming, Emulators for Android

Retro gaming on Android TV Boxes | best Android TV powered box for gaming, Emulators for Android

Retro gaming on Android TV Boxes | best Android TV powered box for gaming, Emulators for Android
Retro gaming on Android TV Boxes

Retro gaming on Android TV Boxes | best Android TV box for gaming

Retro gaming on Android TV Boxes. What is the best Android TV box for gaming?

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Everyone loves all of the classic retro games. Well, here at Entertainment Box we are no different. In fact, we love them that much we have collated all of the best Android Emulators/ROM's and Android Retro gaming stores. We have made it easy to start playing Android Retro Games on any Android box or Phone. Download Retro Gaming stores for Android, Gaming controller and emulators and turn any Android device into an arcade gaming machine.

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How to Play Retro arcade games for Android (Free)

Do you miss the classic days of the console games Commodore 64 or perhaps the original PlayStation one. Pine no more. Follow these simple steps and it will be like you have been transported back in time. Soon you will be able to play all the classic retro games on your Android device.

  • Download happy chick game store
  • Install downloaded app on any Android device
  • Open app and click Categories
  • Choose a game and click download
  • Once the download is complete click start to enjoy the game
  • Complete.

Download Gaming Emulators for Android

An emulator or EMU can make your Android device run software that is designed for other systems. I will now explain how an emulator works. If you wanted to play a PSP game (PSP – PlayStation Portable) a PSP game is designed to run only on the PlayStation Portable. With the help of an emulator, your Android device can emulate (or imitate) a PlayStation Portable. Not only can an Android device emulate PlayStation portable it is also possible to emulate other gaming systems. Below you can download Android emulators for many different gaming systems including Mega Drive, N64, GBA

Download Retro Gaming stores for Android

What are Retro Gaming stores? Retro Gaming store will have everything you need to start playing retro games on your android device including, ROMS, emulators and controller configurations. The main benefits from downloading a Retro Gaming stores are you do not need to search for ROMS or emulators elsewhere. When you download the ROM the Retro gaming store will automatically download the required emulator that will allow you to play that game you downloaded. We have gathered 5 of the best examples of Retro Gaming Stores for you to download.

Happy Chick Game Store has 10000s of games on multiple platforms, supporting ARCADE, DC, FC/ES, GBA, GBC, MAME, MD, N64, NDS, PS, PSP, SFC/SNES, WSC.

  • Features
  • The most comprehensive collection of emulators and ROM’s “EVER”
  • Over 10000 gaming ROM’s available no more searching for ROMS to download
  • Easy to use catalogue of games
  • Quick installation

Download Happy Chick Game Store

KOBox is an all-around game Emulator, support Arcade, GBA, FC-Famicom and SFC-Super Nintendo games for Android. By quickly scanning game files (Rom) on your Android device, you can easily play the classic games. Perfectly. KOBox supports the classic games like:

  • King of the fighters
  • Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
  • Street Fighter
  • Metal Slug
  • Final Fight
  • Samurai Showdown
  • Contra, Super Mario,
  • Oriental Legend Super,
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,
  • Final Fantasy,
  • Dragon Ball Z,
  • Super Robot Wars

Download KOBox an all-around game Emulator

Other Android Retro gaming stores for you to download

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Game Controller KeyMappers for Android

KeyMappers ally you to use a normal PlayStation or Xbox to play your retro games on your android device. they work by allowing you to be able to program your remote to work using keymapping. after mapping your Game Controller buttons and Analog Stick, use Any Controller to play Any Game or Emulator on your android device.

What is the best TV box for gaming?

If you are looking for best gaming experience using a TV box you need a device that will be able to handle high-end gaming. We have 2 TV boxes that we rank higly when it comes to choosing a TV box for gaming.

EBox T8 V


The T8 V is one of the best gaming TV BOX, with an internal SATA port you can connect An HDD for easy access to your ROMS or games you could have. Other features include Android 6.0,

Ebox has designed the T8 V with gaming in mind. With an internal SATA port, you can connect An HDD for easy access. When used with the Ebox Game Controller, sold separately, that gives you a Xbox-style game controller to play all the games the Android platform offers.This set-top box isn’t only for watching movies. It's also a powerful console retro gaming device.

EBox R99


The EBox R99 is one of the most powerful TV boxes to date. This TV box is outperforming all other boxes on the market. If you are looking for the ultimate Android gaming mechanic then the EBox R99 is the best so far.

One click download all apps 

If you are greedy and want it all, and let's face it. Why wouldn't you? Then simply scroll down to the bottom and download it all as a zip file.

“Click here to download all of the above as a zip file”

If you need a controller to play all of these games then why not check here.


In this post, we have shown you how easy it is to have your own retro arcade using any Android device. Android retro games are readily available using retro gaming stores, but be sure to only download those which you own a physical copy of. We don’t endorse any form of copyrights or downloading, and you take matters into your own hands when doing this. Job done, Retro gaming on Android TV Boxes.


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