Home Gaming Resident Evil 3 Remake Already Has Official Trailer

Resident Evil 3 Remake Already Has Official Trailer

Resident Evil 3 Remake Already Has Official Trailer

Just a few days ago, an image of the Resident Evil 3 remake "caught" on the PlayStation Network was shared. As might be expected, a few days later Capcom releases the official trailer for the enhanced version of one of the most famous games on the original PlayStation.

The trailer does a great job of maintaining the mix of horror and suspense that so marked the original game. Resident Evil 3 is set in Raccoon City, which is isolated after the zombie invasion. Jill Valentine and a special team of agents are caught in the confusion.

To make matters worse, Resident Evil 3 introduces the villain Nemesis, a kind of super zombie created by the Umbrella Corporation to be a biological weapon. It's up to Jill and the rest of the team to find a way to escape the city before everyone is killed or turned into zombies.

Resident Evil 3 ends the original PlayStation trilogy 1

Starting with Resident Evil 2, Capcom began remaking the original games from the first PlayStation. Capcom is likely to do a remake of Resident Evil 4, one of the saga's most mythical games. RE4 was released for Gamecube and later PlayStation 2 and PC, making the leap to the next generation.

Resident Evil 3 was released in 1999, with a marketing budget of $ 20 million. The game was a massive success, selling 1 million copies in just one month of release, an enviable number even for today's major gaming titles.

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