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Do you have issues with your IceCube 2 Android EBox TV box device and want to do a factory reset on it ? So you should be aware if you do a factory reset so it will delete all the data on your device and it will be left with default apps on it which came with firmware on device or as last time you updated firmware.

So there are two ways to factory reset the device back to how you received it from us.

First Method

Please go to Main Settings via main screen or apps menu on your EBox device.

Now go to Backup And Reset option. And If needed here you can do a backup via Backup My data option for app data,WiFi password and other settings of device to your Google account.

Now you can proceed for Factory Data Reset so once you click on it it will show a warning screen with option if any SD card is connected with device to format the SD card or not so if you want to format the SD card as well than select check for Erase SD Card and press Reset Device and on next screen click Erase Everything . Now device will shut down and it may take a few minute to reset device completely so don’t turn off device or remove power cable until it boot to menu screen.

Second Method

In this method you can do a factory reset of device using pin method and it can be also done if you can’t get to menu on device when powering on so this is how you can reset if you have blue light on device when powering on your EBox device but no display on TV screen.

Look at right of device there is a small hole for reset button into it.

First remove the power cable from device and use a pin and press the pin into hole until you hear a sound that it got pressed and now connect the power cable back to device with continue pressing the reset button via pin and than once the screen flash than remove the pin from reset button and it should complete the reset process now. Please check the video below for more information on reset of device.


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In this video we show you how to do a FACTORY RESET ICECUBE 2 ANDROID TV BOX. We have covered both method for factory reset of IceCube 2 Android EBox TV box.

Please watch the above YouTube tutorial on How to reset IceCube 2 Android EBox TV Box .

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  1. Andy H

    I have had one of these boxes for nearly two years. Now I can’t download latest apps and nothing seems to work anymore. I have xbmc gotham. Do I need a new up to date box.

  2. Eddie Stevenson

    I have the RK3188 Quad Core TV Box. I switched it on the other day and after a brief few seconds of the intro screen logos it went in to a frame with” android” on the screen as if it were searching but will not move on. So I studied your Excellent tutorial on factory reset and carried this out, all seemed to go well then my finger slipped off the reset button and I had to do it again and when I went to “Re-boot now” it says “No Command”. Have I lost it? I would appreciate your advice as the RK3180 is in pristine condition and to be honest hasn’t been used as much as it should have been. I look forward to any advice. Thanks again. Eddie Stevenson

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