Researchers have created technology that can measure blood pressure through a selfie.

Researchers have created technology that can measure blood pressure through a selfie.

Chinese and Canadian researchers have developed a new way of measuring our blood pressure. This time, this measurement can be achieved by a simple photograph or video.

For this we only need the front camera of our smartphone. Data can be collected from a photo taken at the moment or from previously recorded videos.

How does this blood pressure measurement technology work?

As I mentioned, all it takes for this technology to be able to evaluate this parameter is a camera. From then on, these researchers were able to create a technology they call Transdermal Optical Imaging.

The cameras of our smartphones are capable of capturing the light that is reflected by our skin. In fact, it is possible to register the light reflected by the hemoglobin under the skin.

It is this reflected light that will allow us to analyze the changes in the flow of blood within our body and thus present the results. These will later be available in a purpose-built application.

This technology has an assertiveness rate of 95%.

For this investigation, videos and selfies of 1,328 adults. The results obtained had, according to those responsible for the project, an assertiveness rate of 95%.

The people used for this research were predominantly of Asian or Eastern European descent. Still, the researchers say these measurements will work equally well on people with light or dark skin.

Other branches of medicine may fall under

Looking to the future, the researchers concerned can apply the same technology for measurements of other parameters. Therefore, they believe they can use this same method to measure blood glucose, cholesterol or hemoglobin levels.

They justify the fact that these measurements are not yet available with the need for more research time. This promises that in future more aspects of our health can be evaluated simply with the camera of our smartphone.

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