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Nokia 6 in UK is still worth it but it's not the only one

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Remember the mythical Nokia N95? Nokia showed a modern prototype of this phone

The Nokia N85 was probably one of the smartphones that remained in the memory of many users. That sexy slide, that “luxury” finish (at the time).

We can say that it was a cell phone that marked an Era. Well, it seems that Nokia had (or still has) ideas to launch a successor model.

Mr Mobile shows the prototype of this new Nokia N95

In the video you can see above Michael Fisher, also known as MrMobile, you can see that prototype. Still, this creator is so fantastic that I recommend you watch the entire video.

New Nokia N95 prototype

MrMobile takes a look at the old Nokia N95 and how that phone shaped an era. His extraordinary irreverence and the impact he created in the 2000s.

New Nokia N95 prototype

Still, if you want to see the prototype of the new Nokia N95, you’ll have to jump to the 6.20 minute. This is where MrMobile shows us a little bit about this prototype of the equipment.

New Nokia N95 prototype

Although it is not in operation, we realized where HMD Global wanted to go. We have a slider for the cameras and stereo speakers. In addition, a small “ring” on the camera that serves to place the smartphone on a surface.

That is, this should be one of the most fantastic devices to consume video content. The sound comes directly to the user and you do not need to buy a cover to place the phone on a table.

We do not yet know whether Nokia (HMD Global) intends to launch it. We only know that it is a prototype that is not yet on the market. One thing is certain, at least on the outside, this smartphone has everything to conquer.

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