Remake of the classic Medievil is official for PlayStation 4. See the differences (video)

Remake of the classic Medievil is official for PlayStation 4. See the differences (video)

Although the release date is set for October 25, YouTube is already flooded with videos of the Medievil remake on PlayStation 4. The game was originally released in 1998 and is one of the most memorable sagas of the first PlayStation.

Although the saga has two sequels, this remake is based on the first game, which tells the adventures of the famous skeleton Sir Dan Fortesque against the sorcerer Zarok, who enslaved the entire kingdom with his magic. Watch this very interesting video showing the visual comparisons between the original and the remake.

The game is certainly a visual treat for fans of the original. All level textures, enemies and even the music have been updated. It is still a very cartoon style but is certainly credible as a game that could be released from scratch these days on PlayStation 4.

There are some sharp edges in Medievil remake

Some of the negative feedback starting to appear on the internet is related to the game camera. As in the original, the camera cannot be controlled and automatic angles can sometimes become frustrating, making it difficult to see. Especially when the character has to jump from platform to platform the angles may not be favorable.

Other complaints include lag when facing multiple enemies at once. This may simply be a bug in the demo versions of the game, however there are already final versions circulating on YouTube.

Medieval 4 is currently in pre-sale and is officially released on October 25th. The pre-sale includes extra digital content as well as a Steelbook featuring Sir Daniel Fortesque's famous skull.

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